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By Editor

I hear thunder, I hear thunder, Oh ! don’t you? Oh ! don’t you ? Pitter Patter raindrops, Pitter Patter…

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Different Spells of Rain

By Fried Guest

There is something about the rains. The unrelenting, ceaseless, and stubborn droplets engulf us, and sink softly into our depths. Some look…

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Roads and Rains

By Samin Sultana

A creaky rickshaw paddles away Snaking its way past narrow gullies Staggering along stones and dents Splattering mud collected in…

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By Manjil P. Saikia

She was worried and regretted she had been terrible to him the weekend; the rain wasn’t helping either. What if…

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Umbrella Romance

By Vinayak Gole

Overcast skies, a chill in the wind and a prediction that has gone wrong as always. Sounds familiar? Yes, the…