Confessions of a Rain-Lover

Confessions of a Rain-Lover

July 1, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

And I sit up straight. All traces of a good, warm sleep thrown away. Vindicated that is for me, because it’s the rain that I am waiting to watch. Its always a pleasure to realize how the beautiful drops coming down  to embrace a gleaming earth fall gracefully, all for the sake of the fact that it is created for that very purpose.

Watching the rain has always been one of my favorite past times. No matter where and how I am, hatred to the rain is something I can never afford. If I am on my way to somewhere, and a sudden shower comes up, I would rather enjoy the rain spoiling my dress, than standing by the roadside and watch the cars pass by. It’s as if a car splashing water on me is like a feeling of frustration I enjoy.

An extreme lover of rain, I have enjoyed dancing in the rain as a child, still clearly remembering how Maa would send me saying “Go and have a bath in the rain!” Monsoons and a village life, ah! They simply are meant to be the most soothing combination to beat the summer heat. If childhood memoirs are looked back at, I still remember the joy that came up when we would sail rafts made from banana trees, joined by bamboo (Bhoor) on paddy fields that overflowed with water. Such days definitely exist very rarely today, but for those who have known what life in a village is like, these memories make us feel as if they belong to another lifetime. A splash of water in a muddy field is a splash of happiness that goes beyond the definitions of “unhygienic enjoyment.”  It’s not about walking in a muddy field during the rain and trying not to fall in the mud, its rather about willingly slipping and then acting in front of friends about how the mud pulled you down. The mud spilled all over your body, the constant fear of insects and then a friend pushing you into the mud making you fall face flat- that is monsoon, that is the dirty village fun!

Now, as I wake up to this city rains, and realize how a heavy shower has blocked all my roads to work, I so wish I had my group of friends to re-live village moments here. To my utter surprise, and definitely disgust of others, walking through water logged roads has been a thing of immense fun to me. I don’t really ‘eww’ it!!  All that this city rain makes me happy about is the droplets on the trees. It is a typical beauty to watch- how a dull green leaf, turns into a vibrant and glowing entity of its own on being touched upon by a thousand droplets. A life, showered upon a lifeless life!

 To watch the rains have been an experience to behold when you are in a car, traveling on a highway that passes by tea gardens nd a heavy rain hits. To slowly pull down the window, taking your hand out in the rain to simply feel the drops is an instance so much full of bliss. The greenery of a tea garden and the silver toppings on that, Mother Nature at her best is what such moments are called. Laying back relaxed on your car seat, watching the rain drops on the window pane going up slightly, and then back down is an enjoyment of every soul who loves not just the rain, but every drop of it!rdens a

Back in school, I would hate attending classes when it rained outside. The constant clattering sound as the rain drops fell on the roof would pull me outside. I would incessantly look out of the window and imagine how so many drops must have combined to become one beautiful thin stream of water, flowing down only to fall in the drain below. The last part made me feel sad. That is very psychotic of me, but given the kind of rain-lover I am, I feel it so much in me!

The best rain-watching moments however have been when I am alone in the house, a cup filled with coffee to the brim, a cozy seat by the window and a long simple stare at the rain. I would let its music soothe my ears, its fragrance get in to me through every single breathe I take, its view pacify my eyes and finally its very presence justify my existence.

Had rain been simply a shower of water, it would not have been so fantastic. It becomes breathtaking for me because it calms down the constant noises of the heart, it breaks us free from the persistent existence of confusions and lets us simply dissolve in an aura so blissful that to dream of kissing your lover in the rain, my dear, is worth a dream!!

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