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I hear thunder, I hear thunder,
Oh ! don’t you? Oh ! don’t you ?
Pitter Patter raindrops, Pitter Patter raindrops
I’m wet through, I’m wet through.

With rains come a varied range of emotions and they are unique to each person. For some it brings joy, while for others sorrow. For some it is an excuse to be nostalgic while for others it is a reason to be sober. Whether it is the joy of having hot pakodas with some hot tea or the joy of dancing in the rain or simply splashing some mud. The rain also has a dark side to it. The tragedy of a flood, a thunderstorm or a landslide.  Since time immemorial, poets have tried to pen down the various emotions which have resulted in some classical work. In this issue, we have tried to present you a small subset of such emotions. We hope you enjoy the issue.


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