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The Hidden Place

By Fried Guest

By Pranav Bora   Let me confess two things honestly at the first place. First, I was not supposed to…

September 18, 2014 0

A Wicked Woman by Jack London

By Fried Eye Research Team

Contrary to all her forebodings, Loretta found that she was not unhappy at Santa Clara. Truly, Billy wrote to her every day, but his letters were less distressing than his presence. Also, the ordeal of being away from Daisy was not so severe as she had expected. For the first time in her life she was not lost in eclipse in the blaze of Daisy’s brilliant and mature personality.

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The Date

By Mani Padma

Pre date preparation: It was an ordinary day. She appeared calm and composed, just like any other day. But beneath…

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Enchantingly Lovely

By Dagny Sol

Praful banged the door shut violently. The frame trembled, the glass in the window next to the door shivered with…

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The Shadow

By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

The shadow followed quietly as he walked through the alley in the car-park. It was dark. Almost devilish. But a…

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Out of the Blue

By Dagny Sol

Part I Anup called today after a long gap today. I don’t even remember how long it has been since…