More Bodies Will Fall is a fast paced thriller

More Bodies Will Fall is a fast paced thriller

April 4, 2018 0 By Fried Eye

Ankush Saikia brings another Arjun Arora thriller this spring. A girl from Northeast is murdered but her murderer could not be tracked. A year after, her father who belonged to NNC at some time in the past, approaches Arjun Arora to solve the case. Hesitantly, Arjun Arora takes up the case. There are several suspects in the case but everyone seems to have a strong alibi. Arjun Arora collects the evidences piece by piece in a systematic way and decides to go to Northeast to collect further evidences. There, things get murkier and Arjun Arora has a brush with near death experiences 3 times. Read Remember Death

I picked up the book looking at the interesting cover and I was not disappointed. The fast paced narrative keeps the reader glued and getting involved in solving the case. Ankush Saikia manages to keep the suspense till the end. The story is craftily designed with a vivid narrative making it a page turner. Even after the case is solved, there are still few loose ends intentionally kept for reader’s imagination. The ending starts with, “Once the police and lawyers get involved, the statements will change. He will come up with an alibi. No, it’s better he faces justice back home.”More Bodies Will Fall Cover

As always, Ankush Saikia is very bold in introducing as many characters as he needs. With every clue that takes the case step further, a new character is introduced but it is well justified to the story. While solving the case, Arjun Arora gets to meet various rebel groups in Nagaland and Manipur. Ankush Saikia also manages to make a political commentary in a mild manner through this thriller. The rebel extremist groups, the unlimited money of corrupt politicians and bureaucrats, the drug mafia. Ankush Saikia touches everything and brings out an interesting novel. Ankush Saikia used the extremist angle in his book Red River Blue Hills but he takes it to altogether a different level and makes the trail all the more interesting.

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