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    Ankush Saikia brings a fresh perspective on how to write a murder mystery


    The last three novels by Ankush Saikia is kind of noir and have detective background. The Girl from Nongrim Hills was fresh and Ankush Saikia used the fact that he knew Shillong like the back of his hand. It was based on a story that could very likely be real. Then came Dead Meat which was based on a real life murder case better known as the Tandoor Murder Case. He used his imaginations and skillfully carved out a gripping story.

    Come 2015, another thriller comes from Ankush Saikia. Red River, Blue Hills. I was informed that Ankush Saikia started writing this book before The Girl from Nongrim Hills, but Red River, Blue Hills has the elements of both Nongrim Hills and Dead Meat. It takes the changing scenario in Northeast as a base. A murder mystery that takes the protagonist to Northeast and like always Ankush Saikia writes in a way that makes the reader visualise the whole adventurous travel of the protagonist. Through the eyes of the protagonist, who spent a brief time in the early 90s in Northeast, draws comparison and puts some interesting food for thought in the mind of the reader during the process. It is evident from the writing that, Ankush Saikia has traveled thoroughly in the places mentioned in the book to look it more make-believe.

    People out here in Northeast are getting more and more ambitious while there are little means to achieve that. This has led to a complexity in the society structure in Northeast. Ankush Saikia has brilliantly put that in paper while steadily moving forward in his story of the murder mystery, and not just that it ends so beautifully. He brings a fresh perspective on how to write a murder mystery. I would recommend you read it and  find out what I mean.


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