Category: Issue 23

November 29, 2010 1

Porkyy Corkiness!!

By Sanzeeta

The evening gathering was rather very quick to the point where my friends said..well a bottle and anything whoever likes…

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By Keshab Anand Pegu

A devil’s advocate perspective Much of what we do are done without a proper motive- altruistic, ulterior, simplistic, aesthetic etc……

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Fried Careers

By Xomidhan

Introducing our newest section, Fried Careers, in association with the non-profit, voluntary org, Xomidhan. Xomidhan (as per the Assamese dictionary)…

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Wishes can be true

By Mapra Duo

Ria had her choices defined. She prayed for a husband who was in a creative job, played with money, did…

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Event Alert

By Fried Eye News Service

What: Hornbill Festival When: 1-7 December’ 2010 Where: Naga Heritage Village Kisama (12 Km from Kohima) • Dance: December 1…