June 15, 2011 Off By Samin Sultana

Three years back. The month was June. The days were warmer and the trees were younger. The sun, low in the sky, peeped through a rift in the clouds. Red, orange and marmalade hues tinged the sky. She sat beside him, restless, in a certain end of the park. The palm trees that lined the cobbled pathway of the park gave way to a balmy breeze. She wanted the reasons behind His reasons. She was determined to get a credible reason from Him.

He looked deep and pensive. Silence hovered around them. The reflection of the various colors of the evening sky over the lake-water looked beautiful. The tiny lake that ran the entire length of the park changed colors steadily from red to marmalade, from marmalade to gold, from gold to deep orange and as the sun dipped below the horizon; the moon gained its momentum. It was tossed up high in the star-studded inky blue sky. Down in the sky the reflection of the waning moon seemed to be the object of affection of the lilac lotuses.

” It’s all over”, He said, ” I’ve got work to do and see me through…”

” So unconvincing.” her angry heart murmured.

”I’m sorry”, He said.

They rose up and hugged without looking at each other. The sun had disappeared behind the trees and the chirping of birds grew thinner and thinner as the birds retreated nest-ward. He hailed a taxi for her. She got in and rode away. The dust raked up by the movement of the taxi formed a veil of mist in the darkness. He stood under the street lights and starred at the taxi till it was out of sight. A meaningless void engulfed his thoughts and mind. He turned to the other direction of the lane and under the damp and misty amber radiance of the street lights; he walked away, crushing underfoot old dreams and memories.

Days passed and seasons went by. His memory still jogged her mind. The terminated embryo would have matured into a two year old human form if only He, its Father, decided to stay…


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