The Pain

The Pain

June 15, 2011 Off By Maharnab Hazarika


That’s all what I make,

Looking back at my destiny,

What reveals, how I made it;

Leads myself into mutiny.


What I cannot bear

Everything written in my fate

I know not how to depart-

Thus I have come to tolerate.

For her every little wound

I have deep seething fears

Yet, nobody understands

What for I shed my tears.


Every day in her company,

I find myself there lying

Yet, reality peeks in-

Oh! I was just dreaming.


Waking up with a sigh,

And pointing at my fortune,

Unable to cry, I realize

Ah! I can’t even tune!


I know not, what to say,

To make my heart at good

In the long, priceless path

Empty hands, all alone I stood.


I turned to her for a share,

Yet, I could not reveal,

That deepened me thoroughly,

Everything I was made to feel.


By every silly trial I made

Sad memories made it turn

Every new light which I added

More, it made it burn.


Was it that, that the blunder was mine?

To feel guilty, of being apart

For which I received the joy

Of something as sweet as tart.


I know now, how it hurts,

When she says the words that stain

But, as for that I learnt

It’s better to live the pain.




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