White’s the Word

White’s the Word

June 15, 2011 Off By Gargee Borah

Contrary to what people usually say, I say “If you ain’t got white, your wardrobe is not right!”

It’s officially spring and the temperature just refuses to go down. You all know what I mean….

Nothing is quintessentially summer as the colour white in your wardrobe. The white pants or the white blouse that you have there somewhere spells cool and crispiness and provides a casual outdoor wear during the scorching heat.

That is why, the clean, hard-to-wear bottoms are even more important because all the key trends like the navy blues and banana yellows, red and white polka dots, and bold green and black prints can be matched with a smooth-fitting blank canvas.

This year, in the spring and summer collection, the pure white clothes is injected with new designs. The white fabrics are transformed into flowing skirts, lace dresses, fitting trousers and cute shorts. The pure white dress is also suitable for work if one pairs it with statement black accessories.

Although the weather outside is unforgivable and will not help you much, an all-white outfit is still a  dream come true for me, even in casual versions with sexy accents, a pair of white jeans, flat white shoes and an elegant white bag. White accessories like scarves and hats will fit in with darker colors like crimson, navy, gray, etc.

Combine beige trousers with a simple white shirt and with a pair of white heels. Complete the look with a pair of retro sunglasses with the frame in a chic shade of bronze (for the sunny days).

White gold or silver in terms of jewelry are always inspired choices, but if you want to contrast the white dress you can wear golden jewelry (not necessarily gold). Also, fancy colored jewels are ideal for a white outfit.

While a lot of fabric and lot of designs are available in white this summer, I am totally crazed about the skinny white jeans. Pair it with any bold colored t-shirt and white flats and you are ready for a trendy summer outing with your girls, be it shopping, brunch or casual evenings.

Though the white look is very desirable, it is equally tough to maintain, more so if you are a messy sort of person. Therefore, you might want to take a few more trips to the Laundromat or buy extra amounts of detergent. Either way, white will give you the purity of looks that you have always wanted to get.

Crisp and clean, in all its minimal glory, white (with a touch of black accents here and there) is the fastest way to dress fresh for the season!!



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