February 15, 2013 Off By Editor

Dear  Readers

We completed three years last month. Three years of an exciting association with each other- three years of adventure. Three years of struggle, three years of some highpoints and three wondrous years of being a part of the dream and passion called Fried Eye.

We often come across the question of when we will be going on print or what next for Fried Eye? What is it that is restricting us to go for the next big plunge?

Is it lack of confidence? Of talent? Sponsorship? Finance?

None .

Fried Eye isn’t a profession or a money making enterprise for us. It never had been. We all have our own secret lives that help us earn a decent amount of bread and assortments for ourselves, but Fried Eye adds the much needed salt and pepper to them in terms of experiences.


For us it is a window to a different world which we explore through the medium of words and visuals . Is it  a world filled with magic? Well, we will just say that we search for the magic in that world and the moment we find them, we share it with you.

So we come back to the question, what next?

Is there a ‘next’ in a ‘forever’? It is that one thing we want to go on forever, like Peter Pan. There cannot be a next. There is only Fried Eye.

But if it is a question with regards to stagnation, then ‘next’ opens up a whole new vista of newer experiments, new look , fresh approach and dynamic changes, starting with this issue. Because this issue instead of our regular format and bouquet of beautiful articles , we are bringing before you a sort of monologue, a documentary or maybe a sort of 10 K or 10 Q report about us whichever is applicable.

Three years is a long time and needs a recap. It is the time when we look back with fondness at the time we have spent and acknowledge some great moments, great people that we came across and thank those who supported us throughout silently and are still doing so.

So are you with us in our journey down the memory lane?

I hope you will be. I am sure you wouldn’t want to miss a journey as sweet as the one that took place in Mr Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

You don’t know what links we might be opening up.

You don’t know what stories you might have missed  in the past…



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