Movie review: Inside Out | When movies teach you life |

Movie review: Inside Out | When movies teach you life |

June 28, 2015 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Often during my endeavour to understand people better I have found asking myself, ‘What would be running in his/her head now?”. But in all my years on this earth never did I imagine, what if there were little people in it, making us react they way we do. And I have reasons to believe most people I know have not thought of that either. That’s why Inside Out comes across as so refreshingly different.

But then Inside Out is so much more than just showing tiny people inside your head… The film manages to capture some of the most amazing emotions that human beings go through, and how these emotions make the person the way he/she is.

Directors Pete Docter (Man who gave us UP and Monster’s Inc) and Ronaldo Del Carmen together bring a film that charts the story of a young girl Riley after her family moves to San Francisco from Minnesota. It has been more or less a perfect life for Riley till her father decides to shift base for work. As she lands in the new city, away from her friends and more importantly her memories, she discovers new emotions –anger and sadness.

riley inside out

Inside Out could have been a regular story of a child going through stress and loneliness. What it turned out it turns out is a beautifully imaginative story of how emotional work in her tiny head, driving her to do things she would have not done otherwise. And in process of telling Riley’s story, Inside Out conveys one often disregarded bit about human nature – the importance of sadness in keeping someone together. Sadness that seeps in to our lives when we end up distancing ourselves from our loved ones; sadness without which happiness could lose flavour as well. Above all, Inside Out tells us why every emotion so intrinsic to us.

Inside Out stands tall in almost every aspect of filmmaking. Including animation. This is a film I was waiting to watch the film since the day I saw the teaser. The best way to summarize how I feel about Inside Out would be to say, it not only matched by expectations but did better! Watch it.


Inside Out



I did be very surprised if this gem of a film does not bag plenty of nominations in the coming year, if not win them.



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