#ThrowBack: Here’s Anushka Sharma’s First Interview As An Actress, Right After The Release Of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

#ThrowBack: Here’s Anushka Sharma’s First Interview As An Actress, Right After The Release Of Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

December 12, 2017 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Anushka Sharma was kept under wraps, away from the media glare even as Shah Rukh Khan went ahead and promoted Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi on his own. Aditya Chopra believed it was best to introduce his new find only once the film was out. With Rab Ne bringing in great numbers in the first weekend Anushka was finally revealed to the media. Here’s an interview we did with the actress on that day. This was Anushka’s first interview as an actress… and she was pretty clear about what she wants even then. A trait that has only grown stronger with time.

Do note, this is much before Virat Kohli happen. Or for that matter, even before Ranveer Singh came into her life. Read what Anushka has to say about Shah Rukh, and on the kind of man she would marry.

Anushka Sharma

She is currently the most talk about girl in Bollywood. The reason – her debut opposite Shah Rukh Khan in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, which has opened to a great response! And after being kept in hiding for so long, Anushka Sharma was finally introduced to the media and the people by Shah Rukh recently. We had a brief conversation with a beaming twenty-year-old who is trying to get used to the all shutterbugs flashing at her and the rest of the media hounding her for more details. And from what he got to know, this daughter of yet another Army man sounds rather refreshing from many other newcomers who have been streaming into the industry from time to time. An excerpt: –

You have been kept in warps for long. And now that you are finally interacting with the media, how is it?
I am scared. Very scared! I have never seen so many people and so many flashlights going out at the same time. Of course, I have been a model but this is something new.

Were you trained by Shah Rukh on how to interact with the media?
Not really. He just told me to be honest with everyone and be myself.

Did you read the reviews on the following day of release? How many newspapers did you read?
I never used to read reviews before this. But since it’s my own film I did want to read. I read a few. Some made me happy. I am not grown up enough to be able to accept it when someone says bad my film. I think it will take time. But when someone said good things, I was very happy.

Anushka Sharma at Koffee With Karan Season 4

And has life changed after the film’s release?
People are starting to recognize me now. Previously I would go out for a walk, go shopping or just eat out and people would not know me. But now people seem to look at me wherever I go. At first, I was a bit awkward. But I understand now that they must have seen the film. And that’s great. I hear people say ‘That’ Shah Rukh’s heroine’ or just say ‘That’s taani’.

You fall in love with the character of Surinder Sahni in the film. Would you marry a similar guy who is not good looking in real life?
Yes. I think I will. Looks are very temporary. At the age of fifty, he won’t be good looking anymore. I would rather marry someone with whom I would love to stay. And if at fifty is not good looking I would not be bothered because I would already be used to it. I think that would make me a wise girl. Everyone at the end of the day likes the interior of a person and not how he might look.

I am in love with the character of Surinder Sahni. You know while shooting for the film I was not very sure. But now when I see the film I understand what an adorable character he is. He is so sweet and loveable.

And what about your character Taani? Is she you?
I have not sat for golgappa competition! But I think I like Taani to some extent. I think when someone takes a complete newcomer for a role she is taken on the basis of her similarity to the character that is seen during the audition. But more than that I think I am the female version of Suri. I am really boring. I would say I am a 60-year-old stuck in a 20-year-old body.

Shah Rukh is a big star. And people would die to work with him.
Shah Rukh is probably the closest person to me after my parents. He has been so good to me all the time since we met. He has helped me and taken care that I fit in. He such a nice soul! And if you could ever see God in anyone than Shah Rukh could certainly be one of them. And I would always admire him. And now I think I just love him!

So how was it meeting him for the first time? When was that?
The first time I met Shah Rukh was on the first day of the shoots. I saw a very normal looking man coming toward me. I thought he must be some usual guy who got into the sets. But he came up to me and said ‘Hi am Shah Rukh. And it is nice to have you as a part of our film’. Only then did I realize it was Shah Rukh Khan!

Did you feel that you are in safe hands and the film would be a hit as soon as you were signed?
I was making my debut. Shah Rukh is one of the best actors of our country and Adi is one of the best directors. They have already proved themselves and been around for so long. So it was me who had to put in a lot of hard work as I had to prove myself. But I must tell you Shah Rukh made it so easy for me. In fact, I used to feel that it was two different characters all together as he switched so effortlessly between his two characters. That made it a lot easier for me to act. He has taught me a lot.

Who else would you like to work with now, after Shah Rukh?
I am very greedy. I am looking forward to everyone in the industry. They are all good.

You have known Deepika Padukone since before. Have you chatted with her about Shah Rukh and the experience of working with him?
I knew her as we used to model together in Bangalore. But it has been years since we have not met. And now that the film is over I am sure I would love to meet her and chat with her and share incidents during the shoots.

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