Looking Back

May 15, 2010 Off By Fried Guest

Today’s Guest : Bibhuti Borkotoky
Freelance Writer

My son came in a vacation during the Bihu. He looked so busy, even after staying hundreds of kilometers from his office, he was able to control his juniors giving instructions through his phone and internet connection. I found it very impressive to see my son work so efficiently. Looking at this, a tidal wave of memories from the endless progression of technology that has dominated my experience went through my mind.

During these 70 years of my life everything I lived seems like a myth. What I lived cannot be imagined today. The world has seen a sea of changes, especially in science and technology.

Due to this global change, our day to day lifestyle has completely changed. I want to share an experience from an incident from my life how a man had lived his life without any tension, which is unimaginable today in the age of mobile phones and internet.

Not long ago, 25 years to be specific, one of my sons, who was in class V at that time, had to go to New Delhi to represent the state of Meghalaya in a National Level Table Tennis Tournament. He was away from home for 10 days. One of my friends asked me about my feelings during the absence of my son for such a long time. I simply answered, “I cannot hold him forever.” There was no means of communication by which I could keep some track of him and ensure his safe journey and I had no choice but to wait for his safe return.

Today, a parent can make sure that their children reach school safely due to the advancements in communication technology, but they are still not bared of tension for their children. With the advancement of communication technology, the world has become like a village but it also added stress in our life. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against the technological advancements (I also use quite a few of them), but we need some advancements in stress busting methods also.

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