Teeny Weeny Problems

May 15, 2010 Off By Child Guest

Today’s Guest : Srajan Bhatnagar

PTA meetings though are dreaded by us students and parents alike; sometimes provide an entertaining story of their own.
My PTA meeting today simply was one of them. Mama and me reached school promptly on time, both a bit nervous , a bit eager . Mama kept on giving me dark glances now and then while we waited for our turn. Why does she assume that she will get a bad review of me? (Or may be she is right)
Then finally we were called in by my class teacher. There were two more before me with their respective parents. (Obviously it will be “respective” only. Silly me) Let me call them X – a girl and Y a boy.
It was X’s turn. Her mother sat in the chair as if about to jump up in fright. Then my class teacher started,
“Your daughter has an attitude problem. Almost all the time she is lost in her thoughts, never pays attention, always staring at boys or outside the window. Kindly see to it.” I was horrified, so was her mother and gasp! So was my mom. And X looked like she could just melt away and disappear. Well the girl really had an attitude problem but for the first time I could sympathise with her. Her mom mumbled some kind of assurance and left hurriedly with X in tow.
Next it was Y’s turn. He was all white with fear. Well, who wouldn’t be? My class teacher was on a rampage! She adjusted her specs and spoke up, “Well, he is a nice boy. Attentive in class. Does his work regularly…hmm but why does he behave weirdly the moment he sees that girl ( let us call her Z) Z?” Dhan ten an! Damage done! His father literally ran out of the room on the pretext of a phone call. His mother looked like she was about to burst into tears. And Y who was all of six feet suddenly looked shrunken to around two feet! I was done for. I could hear all my skeletons knocking loudly to escape from the cupboard. I looked sheepishly at my mom. She looked like she was about to have a heart attack. Oh my God! What was my last wish!
Mama slowly crawled up to the chair in front of my teacher once the Y’s had left. My teacher looked up at me. I remembered all the pranks that I had played in the class. Wish I had a time machine. Or a memory altering machine. I hung my head and waited for the death sentence.
“ Ah Srajan! Fine boy…but!” both me and mama kept still holding our breath.
“But he has a terrible hand writing” we waited for more but it didn’t come.
“Bas ? That’s it?” My mom asked incredulously. Then she did an outrageous thing. She started grinning feeling very pleased. Of course I was relieved and I knew she was too but did she have to be so obvious?
It was my teachers turn to be surprised.
“Oh yes his handwriting is terrible hee hee hee! oh yes! “ Mom simply couldn’t stop blabbering . I had to drag her out forcibly. But god that was the first time I think I did not get a jibe for my handwriting from Mama! And was she pleased. ! It was the first time I saw her returning so pleased from a PTA meeting. Sigh! All is well that ends well!

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