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May 15, 2010 Off By Miss Cellany

Dear Dairy,

The year has got off on a great start for me at the work-front. Well not exactly “work” front but thereabouts. Remember I mentioned a new entry into our office last year? The one I was attracted to? Last week, we got introduced. His name is Dhairya. He is Okay look wise, I guess. There’s got to be some advantage of not being able to see things for what they are, literally. Despite my hopeless attraction, I don’t think I can really call him “Good Looking”. Now that we have met and conversed, I still don’t know what makes him so interesting to me. He told me that he never saw me in the office. Either he is lying or he considers me worthless. The veracity of both reasons is equally likely but for obvious reasons I would like to believe the former more.

You know what, he is always surrounded by girls. I wonder how he manages that. He seems to have mastered the art of dignified flirting- if such a thing is ever possible. The ladies are not exactly crazy for him, but he definitely makes other men jealous. And don’t even ask me why, but he’s got that “something” which made me agree to go out for a cup of tea with him within 10 minutes of our conversation! Can you beat that? Of course that raised quite a few eyebrows as he generally doesn’t ask anyone for date at the drop of a hat, at least in public knowledge. And well, you should have seen the look on my face when he asked me. My heart must have done a couple of flip-flops, and I must have gulped like a dozen times before saying yes. Made me feel so good about myself, really.

You know what Diary? Dhairya has such an attractive smile. And more so his laughter. The first thing I noticed about him was how laughter comes so easily to him. And by the way, he is not like his public image at all. He comes across as a chap with a restless inquisitive mind under that stable and steadfast head. And he knows so many things….! I must say a guy whose aura doesn’t evaporate the moment he opens his mouth is a really rare find. Besides he has a special interest in Hindu Mythology. Imagine that! A smart young man of today keeping himself abreast of traditional knowledge! I found myself thinking how Ma will like him very much. We also belong to the same caste. Could things fall in place any more? I don’t know if it’s too soon to even think in those lines. After all, a date is all we’ve shared till now. And yet, I am almost tempted to give it a try. To maybe see where this goes…..

Since that day, I have noticed that he comes to our room every day with some excuse or the other. Often we both start walking towards each other but, something stops us. Suddenly, we change paths and distract ourselves with something else. It is a very funny situation. Not like we haven’t made small talk occasionally. We both pretend to be mere colleagues but I guess everybody knows about the mutually exchanging vibes.

But, hey, just because am mentioning him here doesn’t mean I am “in love”, okay? For all I know it could be a passing fad. The kind that starts burning fast and high, but then go down just as fast. Maybe am just waiting to see how soon this gets over. That should be interesting. Will keep you posted on that front, don’ worry.

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