September 15, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(September 16, 2010 – September 30, 2010)

Aries:- One hell of an irritating fortnight ahead for you. There will be inefficiencies all around you. But see the sunny side. Amongst all inefficient people, how efficient you will appear. Don’t be surprised if you are touted the next superman.

Taurus- Ah! The bull have become horny cough cough! I mean grown horns. You will be in the mood for some mischief next fortnight. The devil is your inspiration. No harm in some innocent harmless mischief. Just don’t let it go out of hand.

Gemini- There is a chance that one of your deep dark embarrassing secret is about to be brought out in the open by someone whom you trust. So better be prepared to launch a counter attack if the need arises. By the way the secret is nice. Heh heh!

Cancer – If you are single, its imperative that you get hooked in order to set up your messed up life upright. Even mess needs to be shared. If you are not single, the mess gets messier, but no, don’t even think of re-hooking . that will be mother of all mess then.

Leo- A very volatile fortnight for you. Every emotion, every feeling., every experience will hit you like a six ton truck. Better sit back, hold your breath , and enjoy the experience completely. Come on you are a Leo, you will come out of it fine.

Virgo- Blast from the past. Someone from your past will reappear this fortnight much to your amusement. Don’t let the person disappear again, because though he/she may seem insignificant now, he/she has a great bearing on your future.

Libra – You will be having minor health related problems. No I don’t mean that you will fall sick, rather people will be sick of you or so they will say, but that’s just a way of their saying you are too good for them

Scorpion – Life is showing you many colors . but you are loving them. sometimes they may be pesky and your mood may become black , but otherwise it is a rainbow. So there is simply no need to modify the gray shade of yours.

Sagittarius- Still waters run deep. Remember that, the next time you are trying to cross a puddle be it on foot or on wheels for I see you being stuck in muddy waters. So I just hope life is not on a roll for you, for you won’t be rolling in favorable places.

Capricorn- Someone is stalking your face book profile if you have one. Oh he/she means you no harm. Just checking you out. That person was bored when he/she found you and your queerness appealed him/her so much that you are now being stalked. Oh don’t have a facebook account, but some one is still stalking you.

Aquarius- Your phone bills will run high even in the times of 1paise per sec, as you have acquired quite a reputation of being a good listener plus agony aunt/ uncle. The only disadvantage is that your fans will give a miss call to you to get back to them for an hour long session of counseling.

Pisces- Nice time to try new hobbies. Especially the unusual ones. Life is giving you another chance to get a shot at the guitar that you had let by, the swimming classes that you had to miss. The karaoke set that is sitting by the window of the shop ahead. If you attempt it now, there is lesser chances of your money being wasted.

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