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Baikunthar Pora Naami Aahila E Ram,
Sudharmaar Sobhaate Roila
Devata Sokole Thole Aagborhai,
Basudevore Grihe Goila.

(O Lord! You came down from Baikunth (Lord Vishnu’s Abode),
In the Council of Gods
The Gods chose you (for saving the world)
And you chose Vasudeva’s Place (to be born in))

Today is Janmashtami, and it is believed that Lord Krishna was born on this day. Lord Krishna is one of the most special Gods in Hindu mythology. The time when it is believed that Lord Krishna lived was the time when India was at the peak of science and technology. Philosophy was also at the peak at this time. Srimad Bhagwat Geeta which is perhaps the greatest treatise ever written in the philosophy of life was also written at that time. Janmashtami gives us an opportunity to remind us of that philosophy which we tend to forget in our busy lifestyle. Janmashtami is also significant that it replenishes our faith in the good.

Lord Krishna is also associated with Dance and Music. There are many folk music based on Lord Krishna. Some of Indian Classical Dance forms are entirely based on Lord Krishna and his stories. So, at this time India is culturally very active.

Hope you all enjoy this time.

Wishing you all a Happy Janmashtami,

Pramathesh Borkotoky,

Exec. Editor,
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