Hope to despair, Bollywood personalities react to Modi’s win

Hope to despair, Bollywood personalities react to Modi’s win

May 17, 2014 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Following are some reactions of celebrities when we asked them if they are happy and grieved by the BJP victor and what changes do they look forward to –


I am delighted that so many of my colleagues-shatru, hemaji, vinod khanna, kirron, paresh hve won. The Film Industry rules! India has voted for change and it is a decisive victory for Modi and BJP. I hope that the new govt will respect the mandate for inclusive growth and serve the people wisely and well.
Shabana Azmi, Actor


I hope the new government abolishes the entertainment tax and liberalises the censor board
Rahul Dholalia. National Award winner for Parzania, a film depicting Gujarat riots


This is the triumph of the work that Narendra Modi has done to get the country together, get the youth together.
Anupam Kher, Actor and husband of BJP Candidate Kirron Kher


I think this is a time where every Indian wants a change in government and has willed it ! With congress we had a coalition at centre and now BJP with it’s majority will definitely make a strong centre with no one to stop them . that being said since they are so pro development every industry will benefit in development including the movie industry . It’s apparent that Narendra Modi will ensure economic rise.
Riya Sen, daughter of Trinamool Congress candidate Moon Moon Sen


The people have spoken and the country including the film industry should accept this. A new day has dawned. The time has come to build a corruption free India.
Piyush Jha, Director


I get a sinking feeling as I’m against the ideology of the BJP.
Reema Kagti, Director


I’m sure the economy will prosper. But I am primarily concerned about how the new government will protect freedom of speech and expression, and how women’s rights will be upheld under the new regime. And I hope that all the minority communities will feel secure. And I hope dissent is welcomed, and voices of opposition and critique not stifled. India is a democracy, and the BJP is their choice. For me, the fighting spirit of the AAP is what I have found truly inspiring about this election.
Alankrita Srivastava, Director


I’ve been looking forward to this change. I do believe that it will be positive and good for the Economy. I also hope that this government makes it a priority to solve the taxation and censor issues that the film industry faces.
Bhavna Talwar, Director

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