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When I was in school love was an entirely different emotion. Well I did not really have much understanding of it. Most of my education on love came from films like Dil and Maine Pyar Kiya. Yes, I happen to be filmy! And that is what love was for me. And then as I grew older and towards adolescence I was stuck in a confusion. While some part of me believed it was a waste of time, the other part found love fascinating. The hangover of filmy ideas was still there.

And then I fell in love for the first time. Back then I truly believe in the age old Hindi film saying – “Pyar sirf ek baar hi hota hai” (You fall in love just once). And this was it. I was in love and she had to the person I get married to. What happens after marriage I had no idea. And then there was the first break up. And then another love story. And then another! Needless to say I had stopped believing that you fall in love just once.

Interestingly every time I fell in love, it was very different reasons. Each girl had something that I had started to believe was important for the girl to have for me to love her. And also over the years what I sought out of the relationship grew in dimension. On the hindsight, the way I look at love changed over the years, and more ways than I figured out. I presume that’s what age does. And experience.

Interestingly even the very films that gave me my first idea about love have changed. Dear old Bollywood has moved from churning boy meets girl college romance to Chalte Chalte, Luv Ke The End, Pyaar Ka Punchnama… and yes an outrageously badly made but landmark film about same sex love ‘Dunno… Na Jaane Kyu’!

With this issue we at Fried Eye decided to give ourselves and you all a chance to express the way we look at love and probably understand the emotion better! Individual point of views, personal stories, interesting anecdotes and examples or just plain fiction! And we hope you enjoy this even as you celebrate the season of love in your own way!

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Shishir Gautam!

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