November 1, 2010 Off By Bhoothnath

(Nov 1, 2010 – Nov 15, 2010)

Halloween effect! Potato ball gazing or any ball gazing (girls stop sniggering) should be avoided on 31st Oct. which is also celebrated as Halloween in UK, USA, Ireland but even some of the spirits of my Samshaan (Cemetery) are beginning to celebrate it. So coming back to the point, I am seeing only spirits today, (Not the consumable one which shows double,) and a job is a job and the Editor has literally fried my brains to be on time. So here I go!

Aries:- Someone is trying to pass a message to you, – just for you. It’s important that you get it but I m not being able to see the sender properly. Might be a love interest, admirer or your boss who might be out of town or maybe even a ghost. So just keep your senses open.

Taurus- You will be having reasons to believe that your office/ home/ apartment/ bathroom / wardrobe is haunted. Things disappear! Unnatural toppling over of things! Bad vibes!!!! Err! Sorry to spoil your excitement, that ghost’s name is “clumsiness”. Concentrate on your work and you will see the “ghosts” disappearing.

Gemini- Have you heard of curiosity killing the cat. Mind it, it is true. So if you start hearing eerie sounds or witness inexplicable happenings at midnight, don’t go to inquire, for it is just the noise of curiosity killing a cat. Ok seriously speaking, be cautious and stop thinking of you as the new gen Holmes or Marple because you are not.

Cancer – Your deep dark secret is about to be uncovered by someone whom you trust totally. There is no other way to convince him or her. No , murder is not the solution because if you do so, you will be caught for sure, instead try some black magic . Where to find it? Sorry! Can’t tell you that. Just as Medicos are not allowed to say whether the fetus will be a boy or girl so are we not allowed to divulge where to find ‘what’. If you need special services you have to visit me.

Leo-You know, you have the best prediction today. You are so offensively dominating that even the otherworld and underworld creatures are wary of you. Keep it up. You might even land a job of ghost buster if people come to know about it. But have to give it to you, you are real fighters. Warriors!

Virgo- Those chilly, lemon, silver knives are not going to help you when you have nightmares. Yes, there are some nightmares in your share, not those situations on which we sigh and say- That were nightmares! But the real ones. Be thankful, at least they are not going to kill you like Freddy in Nightmare in Elm Street. It’s another matter you will be seeing Jason(Friday the thirteenth) and Damien from Omen, but at least you will be happy when you wake up to find it was all a nightmare.

Libra – Hey man! What happened to your balanced view points? Why are you having so many problems in your work front/ home front, to make you wish you were in the company of ghouls and spirits? And please put out that thought of planchet from your mind. There are far better persons to talk to instead of the spirits about your problems.

Scorpion – You have a piercing gaze. Your eyes which are supposed to be your best feature are going to scare some people due to your planetary positions going awry. There are chances of you being branded as a mad psycho or a possessed man if you try to weave your so called “magic” with your gaze. Not this Fortnight please!

Sagittarius- There is fear in the air! You will not be able to pin point exactly what or why you are feeling jumpy. Definitely not love, but fear is in the air. And the fear maybe also – be the fear of love. Is some scary fellow stalking you? K K K Kan you tell me who it is or you want me to search that person for you? Special appointment for special services Sir/ Madam!

Capricorn- Don’t try to watch a horror movie these coming days. Whichever it might be, it will scare the living daylights of you for some reason, much to the amusement of your friends and you will be branded a coward your whole life, even if you might be the bravest in your lot.

Aquarius- Avoid staying out alone late at nights, Isolated corners, Strange people, etc etc. Not because there are spirits in the air, but because you act too friendly and gullible for the big bad world sometimes. And yes there is a little bit of evil in the air too.

Pisces- Keep your belongings verrrry tidy the next 15 days. Not that you are untidy. But if there is even one percentage of untidiness or negligence, chances are you will be infested with creepies and crawlies “Gremlins” or “critters” style. Unless you want some eight legged freak in your hairs, or clothes, or even Roaches and rats in your home, JUST TAKE CARE.

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