May 1, 2010 Off By Mapra Duo

She was late today. He was starting to get impatient. Though the eagerness was palpable, none of it was visible in the casual shorts, his stubble and unkempt hair. Such was the uniqueness of their relationship. Then he saw it, bringing a smile to his lips. Her arrival.

He was ready for the rendezvous. Finally after a long time he had regained his lost confidence. He was in his elements with them.. their discussions, ideology. Yes he felt as if he was one of them. He glanced at his watch. Just in time. Then he smiled. It had started

She finished all her pending work. Took out her notes that she had collected. Her tutor was about to arrive. She was excited. At this age, she never thought about learning a foreign language. It gave a new meaning to her droll existence. She smiled as her tutor appeared.

The End- green! It is a powerful colour. It signifies life and it gave our protagonists a new life too. The colour green signified the arrival of their happiness, the meaning of their life, their refuges- and yes the arrival of their online friends.

Editor’s Note: This time we bring you a box package of four 55 Fictions. Hope you like them.

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