June 15, 2012 Off By Jumi B

Here I stand, unnoticed, uncared for;

Abandoned on this strange piece of land.

A single faux pas led me here-

And I found myself lost forever;

Even my soulful cries go unheard.

Only miles of loneliness, miles of silence,

And miles of unfathomable darkness-

All have turned me into a recluse mortal.

With eyes so pale and lips so dry,

I seek subvention, but in vain.

My sufferance is my sole companion;

And my grievances-my guide.

Dispersed are those moments of the yore;

When vivacity was my identity-

Those vibrant moments are lost in infinity

Never to come back….

The minx in me has also surrendered

Before time’s fleeting beauty.

The tiny seeds of my dreams

Have been devoured by destiny

Life has suddenly come to a halt!

I have wandered much in solitude;


I still perceive the greenery beyond this land, as-

Far across on the other side of the mountain:

There seems to be some habitation,

Will the breeze carry my message?

Or will I be marooned forever and ever..?


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