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May 15, 2012 Off By Fried Eye

As a special effort , we have roped in Miss Cellany to answer your queries on relationship or other related matters. Is she experienced? Is she knowledgeable?  Well a twenty something female can be hardly called experienced, but call it irony , though she is visually  impaired, she has both the fore sight and hind sight to see through matters of the heart and mind.

We have three questions from our readers …and now let’s see what Miss C has to say about them


Q-I am an above average Engineering student (a girl), with below average fashion sense. Fashion and I gel like oil with water. My friends say I need to improve on that department , while I feel that, that is a complete waste of time and money. What do you say?



Miss C replies- dear D. Do you like flowers? Which colour adorns the walls of your room? I am sure the cushions and curtains of your house must have been chosen with care? Do you love books? I am sure you keep them neat and covered?  Now tell me do you think they were a waste of time and money. The strength and character of a house isn’t determined by the color of its walls or the garden outside, I know, but still we do like adorning it, beautifying it. Why?  Because it is pleasing to the eye. So, I hope you get my point.


Q- I am a twenty three year old girl, who is in a relationship with a boy. He says he loves me very much. I don’t doubt that. What bothers me is that I don’t feel for him with the same intensity that he does for me. Which I believe is like deceiving him. And so sometimes I feel that I should back out of the relationship. What should I do?



Dear Rosy. How do you measure intensity? By actions? Words? What is making you uncomfortable? His passion and dedication ? Or is it lack of yours? Who are you deceiving? Him or yourself? Do you at all feel for him? There are never any doubts when you really love someone. I would have perfectly understood if you had asked me how to tell him to tone down his affections for it embarrasses you. But here I don’t exactly get why are you asking me what you should do as I know you have already made up your mind to end the relationship. Is it because you wanted a confirmation?


Q-Dear Miss C, how do I propose a girl who is nine years younger to me?- BN


Dear BN there are hundreds of reactions that you might get when you propose a girl. There are dozens of replies she might give , but there is only one way to propose a girl and that is by Letting her know. If you meant how to let her know , then statistically- you may tell it yourself, send a message through a messenger, sms her, mail her, send her a telegram and etc etc. But something tells me the matter isn’t that simple. Did you by chance mean – How to propose a girl nine years younger to me so that she says yes? Frankly speaking if I could answer that I would have been sitting in RAW and solving world issues. I could have said laugh with her, share her interests, impress her and blah blah blah, but I am sure you already knew that. When you love a girl and want her to know, just close your eyes take a deep breath and go completely by your instincts. Miss C can only pray for you. And yes hope for the best but be prepared for a NO. If it is a No , take a deep breath again, look into her eyes, control the anger and just try to remember how much you love her.


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