February 1, 2014 Off By Wise Bachelor

I have decided to put Saraswati puja this year to some good use. I, the wise bachelor, will roam the roads on that day…  


Well, actually I have done that earlier too. But this time I am going to accomplish a purpose. The purpose that is, as I have come to understand by reactions all around, pretty important!


As I grow old, my bachelorhood is no more looked upon as wise by my near and dear ones. My family is least interested in my marriage but among my friends, the topic of my marriage is of larger interest than any other topic I can think of. However, I don’t know how to look for girls. It has been a long time since I left college, and everything has changed for worse in my life after. I am no more protected by my family when I show my wild side. I am supposed to be responsible.


With great powers come great responsibilities, but what are you supposed to do when you are powerless and you have to be responsible. Nothing, simply nothing! Yes, you read me correct. The only way to survive is by doing nothing when you are in my position. The only good thing in my life is that there is no exams that l have to appear. Only a college going student will understand what it feels for not having an exam for next 6 months.

However bad my conditions are, I have to admit the fact that there are people who are in worse situations than I am in but still they find the love of their life and marry. So, I decided to look for a girl for myself. And what better timing can it be possible to get a girl than Saraswati Puja.


Yes, that is the purpose that I will achieve this year. On the day of Saraswati Puja. Wonder how this wise bachelor would do?


I move around the town and look (read dole) at the girls and give them points based upon how much justice they have done to their beauty in a day traditionally marked for a fashion parade in the streets.


Hey, no I am not objectifying! I believe that every girl is beautiful but sometimes it is about projections. Sometimes, they fail to do justice to their beauty by using makeup that downgrades their beauty instead of enhancing it. If they manage to score 6 out of 10, I show some more interest. Give some more points. If they cross 10, I approach them and let them know that they are looking beautiful. However, never in my life I made any remark that gave indications other than simple appreciation.


This year will be different! I am all geared up. And have and set a robust marking system. The first girl who scores more than 23 will be invited to a date with me. This year, I shall find the perfect girl!

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