Why Do people fight ?

Why do people fight for a dime.
When life is full of rhyme.
Why do people hate thy neighbor.
Who can only help them in danger.
Why do people throw the bomb,
Which kill the babies in the womb
Why don’t people give respect to teachers,
Who are the man’s best preachers-
Why don’t people thank the Lord,
Who gave them parents in likeness of God?

-Kaviya Lalchandani.
 Class VII A

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One thought on “Why Do people fight ?

  1. So beautiful. 🙂

    Well, they do so because each one believes that (s)he has a strong reason to do so & according to him/her, it is right. Fights happen when there is conflict of opinion – of what each thinks is right.

    So, when ideals/morals/ethics that help society are learnt, we shall have a proper world. A world with more meaningful fights.

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