February 15, 2010 Off By Hashan Hazarika

“Are you giving TV free with this?”
“aap bhi kyaaa bolte sirjee”
“1kg mutton 350 rupees…You will not take much time to become a rich dude” -He paid for the mutton.
Then he went to the florist at the corner.
“Hello ma’am, can I have some yellow tulips”
“Oh sure my son” – the 70 plus old lady gave him a bunch of yellow tulips.
“This is for my wife Tulip, she is very upset with me.. Hope she will forgive me”
“She will son”
It was again started raining outside; he hid the flowers inside the umbrella hoping they would not get soaked.
“Am I forgetting something? Hope not.. Duhh… that’s why always Tulip says to make a chit”. He cursed himself and tried to recall if he missed something..

He rushed through the broad footpath leads to his home. Making absolutely no sound he opened the door with the duplicate key and started preparing steak with the muttons he got, he knows she loves it..

Then he arranged a tray with a glass of wine, steak and the tulips he got for her.

“Honey I am home. I got mutton steak…a bottle of wine and it’s your favorite one”

“Tulip..Tulip, where are you? I already said ‘sorry’ many times to you…I will not drink too much again for what I was such a drunk that I could not wish you when the clock rings at 12 on your birthday, I know you always want me to wish you before anyone..

“Ahh! I wish I could have!” It went to the past… Since 7 years, He has been trying to wish her before anyone does. He just wish he has impressed her with that he tries.

He entered into the bed room with the tray and placed that near to the huge photo of Tulip who expired 7 years back.
Stared at her photo he couldn’t utter anything else “I am sorry”

He felt she is not upset with him anymore, she cried in bliss.

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