Tri-Colour Instant Neer Dosa

Tri-Colour Instant Neer Dosa

August 15, 2014 Off By Fried Guest

–      By Namita Tickare

As every Independence Day we all have to make something and give for our children for their project and all that’s which we parents have to make. Today as in my son’s school he was a part of the skit made on Independence Day and he chose to become Mahatma Gandhi. We got the dress of Mahatma Gandhi for him. They even thought him the “hum konge kamayab” song in his school.

At first he was very excited about the Gandhi dess, but after wearing it he was refusing to wear it. We had to convince him to keep it on and then the teacher would change his clothes after the program. He had to wear a dhoti, a cloth on the top, a Gandhi spectacles and a stocking on his head. But then he agreed to put and go. We had a stick with him also which was taller than him.

So for him today I had made his favourite breakfast Idli and chutney.  And then to keep the Independence Day spirit on and to help Mom’s like you all to make all these things try out this all naturally coloured Instant Neer Dosa’s. As they are very easy to make and ready very quickly. These are naturally coloured with Kashmiri red chilli puree and Spinach puree to make the orange and green coloured dosa’s respectively. Make these tomorrow for your breakfast and celebrate the Independence Day.

tricolor dosa

What do we need:-

3 cups Rice flour

½ cup Spinach puree (Palak puree)

3-4 Kashmiri Red chilli puree

Water as required


Salt to taste

For the Coconut and Groundnut chutney:-

½ cup freshly grated coconut

3 tbsp Roasted groundnuts

2 tbsp Phutana dal

2-3 Green chillies (according to your taste)

2-3 Garlic cloves

Salt to taste

Water as required

For the tempering:

1 tbsp oil

1 tsp Mustard seeds (rai/sarson)

A pinch of Asafoetida (hing)

9-10 Curry leaves (kadipatta)


How do we do it:-


1 To make the Kashmiri red chili puree, soak the whole deseeded red chillies in warm water for 1 hour. Then grind them to a fine paste without adding any water. Keep the paste aside.

2 To make the spinach puree, Blanch the spinach leaves in warm water for about 2-3 minutes and then remove and run them under cold water. Now puree it in a mixer grinder without adding any water. Keep the puree aside.

How do we proceed:-

1 For making the 3 Colour batter: In 3 separate mixing bowls take 1 cup each of the rice flour.

2 The first one make it white, so you have to just add water and salt to it. Add water little by little and mix it slowly so as not to form lumps.

The batter should be of pouring consistency. (Runny than the normal dosa batter)

3 For the orange colour batter, add the Kashmiri red chilli paste, salt to taste and water as required to make the batter. Keep aside.

4 Same procedure should be done for the spinach puree to get the green colour batter.

5 Keep a non-stick Tawa/ griddle on flame.

6 Pour the dosa batter with the help of cup onto the tawa from outside to inside, forming the outer circle first and then moving inwards.

7 Don’t try to spread it. You have to put it with the cup only at the first time.

8 Put some oil on the sides of the dosa.

9 Let it cook from the bottom and you can see when it changes its colour on the top and starts leaving the tawa, remove it from the tawa.

10 You can Cover and cook it also so that the top layer is also cooked nicely.

11 Repeat the procedure for all the 3 colors of batter to get your tri-colored Dosa.

12 Serve hot with chutney of your choice or anything you like.


Note: The batter should be runny and poured on the tawa from a bit top so that they form a net like pattern and the tawa should be hot for the net pattern to form. You need to work very quickly with neer dosa’s.


For the Chutney:-

1 Make the Tempering. Heat the oil. When it is hot enough add the mustard seeds and wait till the crackle.

2 Now add the curry leaves and off the flame.

3 Add the hing and mix nicely. Keep it aside to cool.

4 In a mixer grinder add the groundnuts and phutana dal and grind it first to form a powder.

5 Now add the coconut, green chilli, garlic cloves, salt to taste and grind it.

6 Add water as required.

7 Now add the ready chutney in the tempering. Mix it well and serve.

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