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As we grow old, we realize that it is not the number of years that count but the number of books that we read that matter. The joy of reading a book where we get so involved that we almost feel part of the story and almost see the events happening in front of our eyes is truly of the world. It is not possible to lead more than one life by a person otherwise, but books gives us the opportunity to live as many lives as we want to. Readers have access to hundreds of souls, and the collected wisdom of all them. They have seen things you’ll never understand and have experienced deaths of people you’ll never know.That is the power of a book. Scientifically also it has been proven that readers are more understanding people and best to fall in love with.

Starting from July 15th, we are observing Fried Eye Literary Month to celebrate the spirit of reading. We read quite a few books in the last few days and will be reading many more. We are thankful to Penguin for providing us books to review and in the next few days, we will be publishing the reviews.

They say that readers are a dying breed in today’s fast paced world, but believe us they simply are not to seen in public spaces and social networks because they are busy reading a book somewhere. Readers simply don’t waste time and the moment you meet them you know them by the insights they are able to provide in anything you chose to speak.

If you are a reader and want to be part of our Book Club do contact us.

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