The rain riding lessons

The rain riding lessons

June 15, 2014 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

wb051348Rains have always been a source of joy. That’s what made the first rainfall this year so interesting for me. For the first time I was having less of fun and more of a learning troubled experience. Well, this was the first time I was riding my bike while the roads were yet to dry out.

This may come slightly late for riders in regions where monsoons are already in complete flow but for a country waiting earnestly for rains it might just be tad useful. So here’s listing some learning, fresh as rain!


1)      First and the most important. Get your brake serviced and tyre checked. You do not want to die skid across the road after you just hit the brakes on a wet road.


2)      Just in case you do skid, ensure your head’s safe. Please get a good helmet that covers your entire face. This not only saves your head, but face too when a car splashes dirt off the road… you know what I am talking about if you are an Indian.


3)      It is time you invested on a two-piece raincoat. Rains are unpredictable, especially so in cities like Mumbai. The raincoat not only save you from getting soaked in rain, but also saves your shirt and trouser from those nasty splashes as vehicles zip past you through poodles! You do not want to land up for your meeting or date all soaked in mud!



4)      In case you do end up with a gravel smeared face, a face wash is really handy!

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5)      Do get too close to cars or trucks. Maintain a healthy distance. Even if unintentional, their tyres can make your nice and fresh face into a dirt board!
6)      Buy a pair of crocs. If you do not want to spend as much, just try getting a pair of shoes that do not stink. This of course is a general observation, true for anyone else.



7)      If you have always found a reason not to wash your bike, let this be the time to rid of the habit. You bike will need some washing.



8)      Last but pretty important: Give yourself some buffer time. Rains mean traffic jams.


There you go. So enjoy the rains. Be careful, ride safe.

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