The unborn child

November 15, 2010 Off By Tinam Borah

If, you would have touched my face
Just for once,
I bet, you would have never let go of me.
If, you would have seen me,
Cringe to the sight of the world
You would have run to shield me from it.
If, you would have been there
To witness my first words,
You would have insisted on going on listening to them.
If, you would have seen me holding my hands out
I know, you would have caught hold of them tight.
If, I could have shown you what I could do,
You would have been proud of me.
If, you would have started loving me,
It would have hurt you to see me dying.
You will now never know what it feels to have me,
What it feels to have a daughter, a little girl…
You would have,
If only, you would have let me see this world
And not wanted me killed
On knowing that it’s Me, and not “him”…

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