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It’s not just a matter of time


My love for you is not just a matter of time,

It has more value than a banal dime…

It takes my heart and soul to look in your eyes,

Raising myself above myself to describe…

They are not the amount of words that count,

It’s the rise of my feeling please keep that account…

The most b’ful smile that this world can give you

Not the bubble but the moon above that see you…

It can’t vanish with the pierce of the pin,

Its fairer than the colour of your skin,

It’s unseen like the sixth sense in you,

It’s fresher than the first form of dew,

Like the rain that falls in your hand,

Giving the titillating effect as falling sand…

My love for you is me for you,

Till the existence of mine more than the earth can do…

My love for you is like your tear,

That’s in your eyes but so quite and pure…

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Despite being a graduate in Science and Working at various designations in different organizations, Ms. Nisha Arppit always had seeds of creativity sown in her soul. Calligraphy, Graphology, Article Writing, Jingle Writing, Lyrics Writing, Poem Composing, Recitation ... in creativity you name it and she’s done it. The author of the upcoming novel"Trapped Wings Open Sky". Her expression in the form of words; may it be poem,articles or stories is not just by chance but by the virtue of her choice and faith in what she did. Follow her at www.twitter.com/nisharp or connect to -Nisharp on facebook. Website - www.nisharp.com. Email - contact@nisharp.com


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