The knives of love

The knives of love

January 15, 2013 Off By Pramathesh Borkotoky

“I like collecting knives!” I was startled when my friend exclaimed in excitement the above when asked about her hobbies when we first met. At first, I thought she was being sarcastic but after continuing the conversation, I came to know that she meant it literally. She collected knives and has a good collection of knives; knives for every occasion. Eight years have passed since we met and today I also share the same hobby, although I am not a pro like her. Ideally I should have asked her to write this article but I could not make her do so in 3 years and at last I gave up trying. I don’t have a great collection and I have only two knives but I am planning to buy another next month. I am listing those three in this short article.

Paring Knives


This one exists probably in every Indian Kitchen and there equal number of jokes associated to them also. It is a small knife with a plain edge blade that is ideal for peeling and other small or intricate work but it can also be used as a multi-purpose knife which in turn can be utilised for doing practically anything for food preparation.

Chef’s Knife or French Knife


I really like using this knife. It makes my chopping and cutting faster. It is an all-purpose knife that is curved to allow me to rock the knife on the cutting board for a more precise incision. I use it for cutting and peeling vegetables, chopping fish and meat. In short, it is MY all-purpose knife.

Cleaver Knife or Butcher’s knife


I have been eyeing this knife for a long time and probably buy one the next month. It will make chopping meat easier.

So these two, are my prized possessions which occupy a place of pride in my short but expanding list of personal achievements. And the day I complete my collection I will carve myself a juicy steak to celebrate it.

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