Summer care for the skin

Summer care for the skin

June 1, 2013 Off By Gargee Borah

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The hot season is back…and with it the need to take special care of your skin. Summer spells heat, sweat and grease for those with sensitive skin. Apart from drinking plenty of water and other fluids, it is also necessary to take care of your skin, especially for those with oily skin. Here are some tried-and-tested tips on how to control shine and protect your oily skin throughout the hot, sunny summer months.

Don’t do too much

Hot temperatures tend to make you sweaty and can make your face super greasy, but it’s still not recommended that you wash your face more than twice a day with a foaming deep cleanse face wash. Your skin care regime during summer should include a cleanser with salicylic acid before going to sleep.

Extra Care

You can be your own specialist on how to take care of your oily skin in summer. You can apply a natural clay-based oil-Lemon washcontrol mask once a week and always following with an oil-free moisturizer. Keep at person oil-free cleansing wipes wherever you go. Those are so handy!

Avoid the Sun

Try to avoid the Sun as much as possible. Sun rays and heat can cause your oil glands to have a high oil secretion on your face and body, making your skin even more oily and shiny, hence the sensation of sweatiness. Apply a generous amount of sun-block preferably with SPF 30 with a matt base. Its formula will absorb the extra oil and matt out the greasy appearance of your skin.

No Makeup is the Best Makeup

Or at least we think so! Make it a habit this summer to apply very little makeup: foundations, powders, blushes. They all manage to clog your pores, making them produce more oil. Go for an oil-free moisturizer instead.

Home Remedies

Make your scrubIf you don’t want to waste too much money on oily skin care products, make your own masks and scrubs at home. The most efficient masks for oily skin are those that contain lemon, as lemon juice is able to curb the pores’ oil production. The lemon’s citric acid has the ability of breaking down oil molecules and of cleansing the top skin layer by leaving behind a soft, smooth complexion.

Therefore, in case you want to try one of these facials, you just need to learn how to prepare and use them.

Create a mask with mashed papaya pulp and zest from a lime or a lemon, mix well and leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash with cold water. This home remedy controls the oil secretion from your glands.

The simplest recipe for preparing a lemon facial involves mixing equal parts of water and lemon juice. Use a cotton ball and tap the mixture on all of the skin areas that are problematic. In case the mixture stings, make sure to rinse your face with water after you give yourself the facial.

Remember to moisturize your face afterwards because lemon can dry out your skin.

If you want to try more sophisticated lemon facials, you can easily go for one made of the juice from half a lemon and ten tbs. of milk. Massage this mixture onto your face until it gets absorbed by your skin. While the lemon in this facial will break down your skin’s oils, the milk in it will moisturize and soothe your face.

While using facials made out of lemon juice, you should always be careful to not spread them near the eyes, as they can sting really badly. In addition, you should never use them excessively, because they can dry your skin too much.

In case you feel that using lemon alone can be too much, try mixing its juice with honey, another great natural product. The juice of half a lemon and no more than two tbs. of honey can do wonders for your skin. Leave the mask on for at least 20 minutes, rinse it off with warm water and witness the great effect. You will never want to try any other cosmetic product again!

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