Please Sir, can I have some…

Please Sir, can I have some…

January 15, 2013 Off By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

by Shishir Gautam

FE note:- As you all must be aware of, our theme for this issue was based on food, but writing on something as universally tempting as food has its own hazards. Don’t believe? Please read it for yourself on of the effect it had on one of our regulars.


I am hungry. Pretty hungry! And I can’t think when I am hungry. Yum… Food! I need food. I want food. Food!

Butter roasted chicken would be good. Two spoons of butter please. Add some chips. Yes, that adds great flavour. Let’s do some steamed salami too. Actually just put that in a burger. Add mayonnaise. Aah mayonnaise. I love mayonnaise  Could you add some more please? Actually pour me some in a bowl. I will like it with the chicken too. Food, food, food! I want more.

Okay that’s for starters. What’s the option for the main course? Let’s do some mashed potatoes along with chicken rissoto in white sauce. Could we have some baked potatoes along with that? And of course fried cottage cheese cubes. Give me a couple of Mughlai Parathas too. They will taste awesome if I dip them in Malai kofta. Lovely!

I suppose that should be enough. I am good to proceed to dessert. Let’s start off with some rabdi and malpuwa. Pour me some thick chocolate syrup on a cheese cake. Now I am ready for bread and butter pudding to soothe my tongue. Yum! And to wash it all down well, I will just need a thick chocolate milkshake. Sigh! This was good. Thank you! Of I almost forgot… Hope you enjoyed your food. Happy eating.

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