To my lost dreams!!

To my lost dreams!!

January 15, 2013 Off By Rupam Phukan


. . .
My eyes closed. .and my heart stopped,
i am sleeping on the graveyard of my destiny,
and dreams are flying away from me,
to the land of no people, to the sky of no clouds,
when the shadows of sorrow and the wind of change flickers by,
time keeps my loneliness alive,
the moment of my life flashed on my mind,
and its fragrance floats in the air I breath,
when the clouds of darkness gathered above me, u were not there with a
lighting lamp in your hand,
when the rain drops find its way to my eyes,
u were not there to hug me tight,
I lost myself in the deep silence of my life,
. . .
Someone’s memory blinks in my eyes, as the sunshine in the horizon,
it strikes in my heart to touch my soul, and I feel. . . I really do exist,
but those dreams flew away from me, don’t know where they had gone. ;
. .
As I open my eyes
I find myself standing alone beneath the blue sky
feeling the rain on my skin
singing the song of happiness,
I am waiting for a new life,
waving good bye to my lost dreams,
adios my memory,
adios my someone. . !


By rupam phukan

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