Ode to a starry night

July 15, 2010 Off By Matthew Holloway

Beneath the stars open sky
So serene as though all does sleep
A life beyond the mortal earth resides
A place of such eternal peace
Amid the cold is silence, it is sweet
Sweeter still this place of dreams
Into the heavens eyes do see
The love as promised by Aphrodite
Each star a jewel crafted by cupids hand
And placed so precise into the sky
A canvas of the most beautiful art
That shall be known to life
Such a place of endless depth
Beneath this open starry sky
All do sleep

Hello I am Matthew Holloway,
Born in 1978 I was raised in a small town in the north west of England called Winsford situated in the county of Cheshire a rather rural homestead. I would be the first to admit my life’s adventures lack any excitement. I have lived a rather plain life leaving school to spend two unsuccessful years and college before a string of jobs never falling into a career.
My greatest passion is poetry which I suppose has always been a part of my character before even I realised it. In school teachers often noted my strong sense of imagination and story telling. But it was not until the summer of 1996 when I began my journey into poetry. I began by writing song lyrics inspired by the Rolling Stones ’Little Red Rooster’ I wrote a blues ballad entitled ‘Woman Blues’ as the years progressed the lyrics drifted into poetry, stories, lyrics and poetry once more. After the turn of the century I became more drawn to poetry and set about developing my own style.
My influences have impacted heavily on my writing from the iconic musicians like Bob Dylan, Paul McCartney and Alice Cooper to poets such as Edger Allen Poe and Dylan Thomas. I began posting my work under the name Poet1978 on Myspace and used the feedback on each piece to guide me where I was strong or weak in my writing. Around 2008 I moved away from Myspace and started posting on Facebook also around that time I began reading work by the likes of John Keats, Lord Byron, etc. It was the romantic imagery of their poems that effected me more than any other so my style matured into a style similar to what may be considered classical.
My dream is to have my own book published and settle down into a loving relationship. To continue writing and enjoy others poetry what awaits me I am unable to say. I am easy to find and always ready to answer questions about myself.
You can find me here, just ask me for an invite to my other poetry page and I will happily oblige.

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