Dark Musings

July 15, 2010 Off By Pravin Nair

Love fooled me
Innocence prodded me
My experiences scared me
A potent mix they were
Together they screwed me……

Where is the love now?
Shredded to pieces
Each shred, a hilarious reminder
Of my gullible days
Where I easily believed the sweet lies
Told by a she dog (I prefer it to bitch)
With an even sweeter face

What about the innocence?
That too, died out long ago
Lost in the dark alleys of self discovery
Not knowing a return
Or retribution would be such impossibility

Surely some untouched experiences still remain?
They do. But I don’t look out for them much
Coz long back, in the arms of a woman, one such
Experience had soured, building up bitterness
We had arrived together to her screams
Then she had gone into a deep sleep, you see
Didn’t have the heart to wake her up again

No love, innocence, magic of untouched experiences remain
Therefore; all that remains now is a cipher, a zero
A void, sucking the leftovers of my half eaten life
Leaving me senseless
I try to plug this void, only to find it deep inside
A black hole in my bleeding heart, no less..

Or the innocence that died out long ago

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