Sing-Along Playlist

May 15, 2012 0 By Sankhya Samhita

So putting up a playlist of songs on relationship in an issue which is wrapped around relationships is passé. And we at Fried Eye don’t believe in doing the passé. But then again, you can’t deny the fact that music and relationship go hand in hand since time memorial, if Hollywood musicals and Bollywood romances are anything to go by. So I decided to take the middle route, and put up a playlist of my favorite sing-along songs. These are songs that you don’t have to be a great singer to be good at; easy to sing along to and sure to make you feel instantly better. And better still, I made sure to put in songs for everyone in here. So grab the microphone (a make-believe one with a comb would do as well), and go solo if there’s no one around. Or else, you know what we say here about singing and sharing right? About how people who sing together stay together? Well, here goes.

1. With a little help from my friends (The Beatles): We all love the classics. We all swear by the classics. And we know that one can never go wrong with the Beatles. With a song that says, “I get by with a little help from my friends”, the message really can’t be clearer.

2. Dancing with myself (Glee version by Kevin McHale): I know the Billy Idol original should have been a more natural choice, but I find the Glee version is easier to sing along to. As the title itself says, this is one to idle away those solo hours that you don’t know what to do with. Go ahead, do a little jig, dance with yourself, or rather, sing with yourself.

3. Anyone else but you (The Moldy Peaches): Cut from the lonely straight to the mushy. Made famous by the movie Juno, this is one song no one can go wrong with. Sure the monotone can get a little, well, monotonous, but nothing will give you the satisfaction of singing a song right like this one. Duet alert, though. The experience is best when sung with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

4. Hey Julie (Fountains of Wayne): Now this is one song that made me stop my last minute cramming for a management paper, then start furiously scribbling down the lyrics even as the song kept playing. The wonders of were had not yet been discovered by me, sadly. What I am trying to say here, I guess, is this song is a catchy one to sing along to, and makes for a real sweet dedication to your wife!

5. The show (Lenka): Strictly for the ladies, this one. Got me hooked at first listen some three years ago. Simple lyrics and an easy to follow beat makes this song the ideal sing along to, and is guaranteed to make you feel like an amazing singer!

6. You and I (Ingrid Michaelson): Duet alert again. This heart-warming song is just so adorable you can’t get enough of it. When a song talks about getting rich and getting everybody nice sweaters and teaching them how to dance you know it is no ordinary song. Very catchy lyrics and immensely simple notes.

7. 1234 (Feist): This one is a fairly new addition to my list, really. And I’m mentioning it here because it had me from the very first strike of the guitar (it is no secret acoustic songs are the easiest to sing along to) and the interesting notes ensured that I become a fan of this song. This song has a slight 80’s feel to it, and that’s what makes it even better.

8. Hey there Delilah (Plain White T’s): This one is for the long distance phone calls, guys. With simple lyrics that’s easy to relate to, this song talks about being away from the one you love and how love will one day change everything. The simple flowing notes help too!

9. Perfect Two (Auburn): Okay, I admit the first time I listened to this song I didn’t give it much of a thought. Reminds one of teenage, really. But then again this is a song that will unwittingly take space in that corner of your mind which churns out songs to hum. And surprisingly, this does make me feel really good when I sing it. Ah, simpler times! When it is all about rhyming jelly with belly and berry with marry.

10. The Lazy Song (Bruno Mars): Wrapping it up with the ultimate indulgence, laziness. And what could be a better gift to yourself than a day of doing absolutely nothing at all, and then actually sing about how you spent the day doing nothing at all? Go ahead then, indulge. Bring out the inner lazy you. And proudly sing the lazy anthem.

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