Music For Your Valentine

Music For Your Valentine

February 15, 2012 0 By Sankhya Samhita

We know Valentine’s Day is over and out, but we in Fried Eye Jukebox believe in keeping its spirit alive. Well, at least until the roses wilt in their vases and the chocolates vanish from their boxes. Jokes apart though, these thirty songs for him and for her are for the truly romantic, for whom each day is a Valentine’s Day. The playlist starts with the classics (old-gold stuff you know) and moves on to the fairly contemporary. And we hope there are songs in here to appease the most picky and please the most choosy. So, well, hit the play button, and enjoy!

P.S. In our own humble way we pay our tribute to Whitney Houston by including one of her most famous songs in the playlist. May her soul rest in peace with the knowledge that she has left unforgettable music behind.

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