Bob Marley Tribute Concert

June 1, 2011 0 By Fried Guest

Springboard Surprises has done it again for sixteen times in a row now. Well dear readers you’ll probably know about whatever I’m talking, even if you don’t it doesn’t matter because yours truly will give an account of whatever it is. Okay, by now I guess you readers must be getting bored already with all the suspense. So here goes a blow by blow account on the 16thBOB MARLEY TRIBUTE CONCERT”.

JAMMIN was the name of the event and indeed has sheer correlation with all the happenings of the event. I honestly have to admit that the event was so infectious; it totally had me listen to more of Bob Marley nowadays. The event was held on the 11th/May/2011 at the SOSO THAM AUDITORIUM, Shillong. Anyway, moving on the gig featured four acts from across Meghalaya in the likes of DEW DROPS from Jowai, 4th Element, Soulmate and the Roots Reggae Band all based in Shillong.

First up on stage was Dew Drops a band that showcased its genuine respect and dedication to Bob Marley’s music, the band could be more or less classified as the new breed of reggae music that stays true to their influence i.e. the legend himself. They played an awesome set of Marley’s cover songs, did justice to each one of the songs by delivering them at their utmost best. 4th Element a band that has been blazing the stage of various venues across our country with their funk, soul, jazz & R n B blended genre played after Dew drops and what more can one say about them, as they were simply awesome fusing the four elements of their respective genre with the words and sound of the Legend like no other. Oh yeah! Before going further with the bands sets, here’s something else that took place at the event apart from the bands performances. There was a quiz contest of sorts, where questions asked to the public were all based on the life and times of Marley. Rastafari goods were given away as prizes to those who managed in giving out correct answers. Besides, there was also a merch store outside the auditorium which sold Rastafari goods. Coming back to the bands, Soulmate came in and took the stage by storm. On watching their live set I realized just the reason why this band has lately been gracing International shows. A truly international band checked! They were actually the bomb that day, belted out Marley’s songs; this outfit made a huge impact and had the crowd cheering for them to the loudest. Then it all came down to the last act, the Roots Reggae Band, a band I must say has absolute respect and love for Bob Marley and the only reggae band in the country, this band is fronted by Keith Wallang the owner and founder of Springboard Surprises also comprising of some famous seasoned musicians of the Shillong music circuit. The band as a surprise to the fans, featured some young amazing talents during their set in the form of singers, these talents were Donald vocalist of THE VERBS, Darrell vocalist + drummer of BLUE TEMPTATION, Andrea Keith’s very own niece and Sarah Lee vocalist of 4th ELEMENT.

Finally the event came to an end with all the bands getting together on stage playing one of Marley’s most renowned song “ONE LOVE”. Unbelievable it was and can’t wait for the next year’s edition.

– Rundolf  Mawlieh



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