Feels fab to be a bikini girl: Evelyn Sharma

Feels fab to be a bikini girl: Evelyn Sharma

February 1, 2014 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Evelyn Sharma by Vikram Bawa

You have seen her as Lara in Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. And then you saw her sporting the pink bikini the super-hit Honey Singh song Sunny Sunny from Yaarian. Without a doubt Evelyn Sharma is one of the hottest new entrants in Bollywood. Her glam-factor aided by her part Indian and part German genes. Evidently she has little inhibition about what she needs to wear on screen. Is that stereotyping her, or just helping her go the extra mile in Bollywood? We thought we could have a rapid-fire chat with her and know more..

Three films in 2013 and then starting 2014 in style; You seem to be on a roll! Does it give you a high?

I am a workaholic, so I love to be busy! And I’m thankful to God for giving me so much work.

Do you think you are being stereotyped in the kinds of roles that you are doing?

No I think my generation of Hindi films is all about talent and not just looks. I am getting interesting offers that include all genres from comedy, thriller to political dramas.

You seem to be Bollywood’s brand new bikini girl! How does it feel?

It feels fab! I am super happy the song Sunny Sunny got such a great response! Yo Yo Honey Singh and T-Series have done a fantastic job with it!

You are being seen as a style icon! Comment.

I love fashion. I wear what I think looks nice and feels comfortable. If people like it that’s really flattering!

What would your style statement be?

Confidence. Everything will look great as long as you wear it with confidence!

You have German genes. And Bollywood is known to have fascination foreign girls. Has that made your journey easier?

I think my Indian genes have helped me much more than my foreign genes…

Are you working on your accent?

Yes. In fact for my new movie I am taking daily Hindi classes.

The road ahead seems rosy. Films with David Dhavan, Neeraj Pathak. Where do you see your career headed?

By god’s grace, only to the top! 🙂

We hear you are also into music. Are you creating anything for your future films?

Nothing like that is planned but I would definitely find it interesting to sing a song for one of my movies…

A parting question – Bollywood is full of great looking guys too. Has anyone been able to catch your attention?

There are many handsome boys indeed! (laughs)


We’re sure many guys would have tried to hit on you. What has been the best pick-up line you have heard?

I like boys who can make me laugh! I’m not into cheesy pickup lines but if you make me giggle you can know it worked! Always open with a joke.

Finally any message to the readers of Fried Eye.

Hey guys! 😀

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