Dad finds me strange: Sonam Kapoor

September 15, 2010 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Sonam Kapoor is not exactly the most dependable actress around. Her hit to flop ratio is miserable with just one hit so far in her career of four films, which include two massive disasters. Nevertheless she has managed to achieve something which very few actresses get – the tag of a style diva.

Every time she makes a public appearance the actress makes a statement. Interestingly she is ridiculed for the same style sense by a couple of her friends. For one she has a penchant of huge bags, which co-star Imran Khan compared to suitcases! Even when we met her for this interview she was carrying one such huge blue bag. Well she does carry a lot of things too which makes the bag of good use. It of course is a different matter altogether that she never finds what she keeps inside. “I have no clue about 50 per cent of what I carry in it. I carry a lot of things actually,” she admits listing out items like cell phones, notepads, pens, cosmetics and camera. “I carry notepads but then I realize that I can make notes on my phone as well. But I still carry them!” she giggles adding that there are so many other things which are redundant.

And the large bag is not all. Sonam has one more quirk. She loves old clothes, So much that she actually goes to New York once in a while. The actress informs about this quaint but expensive shop in the US city where she finds extremely old clothes, one of which she even wore in her film Aisha. “My dad finds it strange that I like collecting old clothes and that they actually cost that much. But trust me it is fun. I preserve lot of clothes. They need a lot of care else they get damaged. I keep them covered properly,” she tells us. And you thought being a style icon was easy!

Well let’s hope that she turns out to be much more than just a style icon considering she has such an illustrious father to emulate. Post the debacle of Aisha one thing is certain for sure – Sonam needs to refine her taste in scripts to at least half way near her taste for costumes. Hopefully Mausam – that releases on next year – will prove just that to keep her in running for bankable actresses.

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