The Biggest WTF Moments In Bollywood Films of 2017

The Biggest WTF Moments In Bollywood Films of 2017

December 29, 2017 0 By Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Keeping up the tradition of delivering asinine content, Bollywood did not fail to deliver WTF moments in 2017 as well. Out of over 100 movies that saw theatrical releases, at least three-fourths were so bad that they could give continual orgasms to the organisers of awards like Razzies. While it is impossible to list out all of these, we bring out five moments which were so bad that they could be a part of history, when it is being written.


5) When Varun Dhawan Tried Doing A Salman Khan (Judwaa 2)

Ideally, this whole film is one huge WTF moment. It is at best a remake and not a sequel, so the title Judwaa 2 is pretty ridiculous. The biggest goof was when Varun Dhawan – easily the closest actor from the present generation who can do stuff like Salman Khan – actually took the comparisons with the Dabangg actor too seriously. Judwaa 2 saw Varun mouthing lines that have already been spoken by Salman in the 1997 flick. And we all know, there is just ONE Salman. Varun fell flat multiple times. My worst memory was of the cloned bathtub scene where the lead girls see the twins together. Nah, if I rather watch the original than a duplicate. Why watch Mela when you can watch Sholay?


4) When Sushant Singh Rajput Walks Into Kriti Sanon’s Apartment Without Her Permission (Raabta)

So, if it is not bad enough that Bollywood still believes in love and first sight, in Raabta we have a creepy Sushant Singh Rajput walking into Kriti Sanon’s house in their first meeting, without her permission, because that’s the fun thing to do. In the same scene, Sushant is seen prancing slowly towards Kriti – because he wants to take things slow, even as the poor girl looks on, aghast. This apparently is ‘funny’, or so the makers believe. Something similar in real life could have been termed an offense worth a police complaint!


3) Raveena Tandon Walking Into The CM’s House With A Gun (Maatr)

In a year replete with bad rape-revenge dramas, Maatr takes the cake of being the worst! The film has Raveena playing a mother out to avenge rape, killing the offenders. The film is so bad that it could actually send you into depression… If not for the climax scene which is so funny that you spring right back to life. Raveena’s character walks into the Chief Minister’s house with a gun to kill his son. To avoid being caught at the metal detector gate, Raveena hides the gun in a handcart that’s carrying Holi powder into the premises for the Holi celebrations inside. As she emerges on the other side of the check-gate, Raveena quickly retrieves the gun from the cart and goes ahead with her mission. Ah!


2) When Saif Ali Khan Rope-Walked (Rangoon)

If you somehow tolerate the rest of the film, the last few of Vishal Bhardwaj’s Rangoon is surely bound to leave you pulling your hair out in frustration. A film set in the pre-independence era suddenly turns into a mindless ‘80s flick. The trashiest point being the last scene when Saif rope-walks carrying a prized sword for the Indian National Army. The scene funnily reminded me of the hilarious scene from Don (1978) when a crippled Pran ropewalks while carrying his two kids. Mercifully, the camera zooms out bringing Rangoon to an end.


1) When Bill Gates Appeared in Half Girlfriend    

WTF Bill Gates In Half Girlfriend

Now, this is probably the stupidest moment in the last fifteen years of Bollywood. The scene is where Bill Gates’s visits a school in the small village in Bihar, where the protagonist played by Arjun Kapoor delivers a sales-speech on why the school deserves to be funded by Gates’ foundation. And director Suri decided it made sense to actually show Gates! So we had the American businessman’s face badly pasted over the face of a random man… VFX that could put a trashy ‘80s movie to shame. While the rest of the film may have been a pretty dull affair, this one moment stood out and shall be remembered for years – treasured as a part of Bollywood’s rich history of delivering rubbish.


Me too!


Honourable mention – a rather haggard looking Salman Khan trying to do a role that should have ideally gone to someone not older than Ranbir Kapoor. A scene where he jumps off a cliff into a river to overcome his fear is probably the lowest the film could have dipped. Let’s hope better sense prevails in 2018.

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