5 most inspiring movie scenes of all times:

5 most inspiring movie scenes of all times:

August 15, 2013 1 By Vinayak Gole


There are comedies, tragedies, dramas but movies have always been considered a notch below books. But films are no less when it comes to seeking motivation. Some of the movie scenes have been inspirational enough to change lives. There have been many films, films with messages, films with stories and films on people and incidents. It is not possible to cover each and every inspirational scene from a movie here. This is a list of what are probably the most thought inspiring and motivational scenes from movies….ever!

1. Plastic bag video – American Beauty:

“There is so much beauty in the world.” This one sentence covers the entire scene which never fails to inspire thought in anyone who sees it. The display of the plastic bag flying aimlessly in the wind with Ricky’s monotonous introduction in the background is nothing short of being emotionally up heaving. It’s touching and thought provoking and never fails to get one thinking about how much we are missing in life.

2. Last Day – The Pursuit of happyness:

Imagine how the most motivating scene of a very motivating film would be? Yes, the heartwarming scene when Chris lands up the job at the brokerage firm is the perfect climax to a film based on his struggles. When life turns to pay Chris Gardner his dues, it brings back faith in the belief that in the end, hard work always pays.

3. William Wallace’s Speech – Braveheart:

During the war against the disciplined British, when the peasants break ranks fearing total annihilation, Wallace takes it upon himself to motivate his tribe. With a speech inspirational enough to motivate anyone who hears it, the scene emphasizes how important freedom can be to anyone. How used to we become to slavery and never care about fighting for freedom. The speech is ageless and is very relevant to the modern times as well.

4. Andy’s Escape – Shawshank Redemption:

Andy Dufresne! The meek and well educated banker, who ends up in the Shawshank prison and survives. Waiting patiently for years, digging to get out of the prison walls, is a story of grit and determination. One of the most motivational scenes ever when Andy walks out of the pipe drenching in the rain, facing the sky and screaming silently, the scene makes for the perfect climax to an extremely inspirational movie.

5. Last Race-Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar:

Who doesn’t like underdogs winning? In the race to the finish, Aamir Khan from the poor Model school not just competes but goes on to win against the rich kids with better bikes. Riding over hurdles and getting back on track after being pushed, the affable chocolate boy turned hardened sportsman goes on to prove to the world that it is not good gear but good attitude that makes a winner.

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