Making of Firewood Pizza : Tuscana

June 1, 2012 Off By Sanzeeta


Tuscana is well-known for its firewood made pizzerias, although it brings many varieties of pastas, salads, and risottos in it’s menu. This cozy and prim outlet is situated in Wallace Garden 3rd Street, Thousand Lights, Chennai. The interiors is kept woody and diners do get a feel of being somewhere in Italy. The pictures meticulously trimmed all over the wall send an aura of Italian wilderness. With its amazing salads, pizzas, pastas and deserts, it was difficult for me to have everything on the menu but the pepperoni pizza was a sure for a try.

In this issue of Fried Eye, we bring you a pictorial journey of making pizzerias in Tuscana. I thank the Manager and his team who allowed me to take pictures of the kitchens and gave me a complete run in the making of pizza.


                        of FIRE-wood PIZZA at


a pictographic journey of a Pizza

by Sanzeeta

1. Making of Pizza base

                                                    2. Olives and Tomatoes for Pizza toppings3. Herbs for Pizza spread

4. Spreading of Pizza base evenly

5. Firewood baked bell peppers and onions on top of grated


6. Pizza placed near burning fire-woods


7. The burning firewoods

8. Pizza of two varieties just out of the fire-place

9. The men behind the scene

10. The PIZZA

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