Loneliness by Rupam Phukan

November 15, 2011 Off By Fried Guest

Loneliness wanted a friend…and I was the choice…

I saw the autumn leaves falling down the road.
And a west wind took them away beyond my hold;
autumn was sitting lonely and crying…
I was wandering why not death comes to me so easily..!!
My fear of death was suppressed by my feelings of love;
but God took her away from my sight
and left me alone;
and the gap between her and me was filled up by those
empty words..’I Love You..’
I became the solitary poet
writing poems of my life’s tragedy
and loneliness was my friend who was sitting beside me
and crying for the sake of my
half-complited love story;
my dreams. My promises
hang upon the life’s broken frame
and thanks to loneliness
who was my friend on those cruel days of emptiness and wagon of pain……!!!!

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