How to look gorgeous with the right hairstyle that suits your face

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A well-executed and well defined hairstyle will add up more panache to your silhouette, else it would turn into a fashion catastrophe regardless what you wear. Therefore, the first step to identify a complimentary hairstyle is to determine the shape of your face. To determine the characteristics of your face type, firstly begin with measuring your face from top to bottom and left to right. And when you know your face shape, select the hairstyle that will make you look more feminine and attractive. We will tell you which hairstyle will look best on you.

1. Oval shaped face

If you have an oval shaped face, then your face will be curvilinear i.e. the length of your face will equal to one and a half times its width. The forehead and jaw will be of slightly same width.

Considered the “prefect” face shape, oval face allows one to wear umpteenth styles contrary to other face shape. If you are blessed with such figure shape, you don’t have to baffle on to select the right haircut. Whether you are trying on short, medium or long hairstyles, almost every haircut will complement your look. However, be careful when trying out short hairstyles, especially bob cut. If you go too short with your already short hairstyle, you might look ugly and boyish. Don’t add more weight to your face by covering up your pleasing features with heavy bangs or anything over embellished.

2. Round shaped face

If you have a round shape, then the length of your face will be approximately equal to its width and will form a circular shape.

Either keep your hairstyle short or chin length, if your have is round or circular. Soft, fuller styles or choppy styles such as layers that fall around the cheeks are always recommended. However, don’t layer your hairstyle exactly around your cheekbones as they might tend to make your face look narrower. Add more volume on the top as it will help elongate your face more beautiful. Wisp curls will work better on round faces. Avoid hairstyles that end at the chin as they will add more plumpness to your face.

3. Square shaped face

The square shaped figure will have a strong and broad forehead with a slightly angular jaw, which means that your cheekbone, jawline and forehead will equal in width.

If you have square face, you need to keep hairstyles that are long and unsymmetrical. Anything more emphasizing the geometry of your face will enhance the squareness than actually camouflaging it. Soft curve cuts, slight bangs would be a good option for such face type.

4. Triangular shaped face

A triangular shaped face has a narrower cheekbones and forehead with a wider jawline. Hairstyles that narrow your forehead and don’t fall exactly on your face are recommended for women with a triangular shaped face. Wedges and shags are great option for you to try. However, avoid heightening your crown, jawline and the center part. If you are trying a longer hairstyle, ensure that your hair is kept tight at the nape. The secret lies in achieving fullness to the upper part of your face.

5. Heart shaped face

When the length of the face is approximately equal to its width, then you have a heart shaped face. Your face will look somewhat circular, but not entirely round.

Women with heart shaped face should choose hairstyles that balance out the chin and add more fullness at the top. Chin-length or longer hairstyles is great for your face type as they help create balanced look. You can also try shorter hairstyles, but ensure to leave weight on your back nape area. Don’t try hairstyles such as slick back or uber-short. Always remember, it is the cheekbones that you have to emphasize.



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