Wonder years – Through the lens

Fried Eye says-  A S Jha one of our regular reader and fan has sent us a beautiful poem about childhood in hindi. That along with some brilliant photography from Stephen Styris gives  the perfect picture of nostalgia and childhood. We are presenting before you the gist of the poetry in english for those who are not comfortable with the language followed by the original poem.


Jha says – In this cut throat competitive world today we all are rushing towards an ‘unknown destination’. Nobody is having time to sit and introspect on the life and where we are leading to. Is this the same life what we all had dreamt of in our respective childhoods? Today ‘Money makes the mare go’ has become our sole war cry to win this battle of life, but in this ‘rat race’ we all have forgotten the real essence of joys and pleasure of day today life. A man has become nothing less than a machine and very proudly we say – we are the future. If this is the future then I wish ‘’O my Lord please send me to my past … that golden era of my life as a child. Today computer games have replaced those beautiful fables; an art called ‘story telling’ where a child used to get the wings to fly in the skies of imaginations. Every story had some hidden teachings for leading a life which the child used to decipher on his own. Those peculiar time pieces and their early morning alarm rings which not only used to wake you up but the neighbours also, are gone with the passage of time and  mobiles along with their harmful rays have crept under the pillows of innocent kids. The fragrance of the achaar-paratha in the lunch box was much tastier than burgers and aerated beverages. Kite flying and games likes ‘chupam chupai’ (blind man’s bluff) were more interesting than ‘popeye the sailor’ on cartoon network.

Those were the days when we with our parents and siblings in a family used to sit together for Sunday matinee show aired on DD1 unlike today’s 3G speed where we download our favorite stuffs and watch them alone. That was the time when pocket money used to be in coins unlike today’s plastic money. Piggy banks and gudda- guddi used to be prize-possession. We all used to enjoy watching our mothers haggling for the prices of different articles to the vendors no matter whether the amount was ones or in tens. These sky scrapers malls and branded show rooms have killed those pleasures.

Every year this 14 date in the month of November always reminds me of my childhood, so today I thought of scribbling few lines in the memories of my childhood and dedicate to all of you. Hope it touches the strings of your heart too …


The original poetry


Masheenon ki dunya hai ye,pathar kay log yahan,
Mujhay wo gaoon ki masoom suhani mehfilain laa day Jis ki aankhen mujhe andar se bhi parh sakti hon,
Koi chehra tou mere sheher mein aisa la day kishti-e-jaan tou bhanwar mein hai kaii barson se,
Ay Khuda ab tou dubo day ya kinara la day

Kyun mashino ki gad-gadahat un khilono se nahi milti hai
Ek yaadon ki mithaas toh dusri zindgi ko bezaan sa banati hai
Kyun mujhey wo mera bachpan yaad aa raha hai ,
Aaj mere beetey hue kal ki yaad dila raha hai
Jahan mera khawabon ke paron par wo sapne sajana,
Ret ke tiley pe ghar ko banana , wo raat ko dar se maa ke galey lag jana
Wo meri maa ka har subah mujhey mere sapno ki duniya se jagana
Wo school jane ke liye rijhana- manana,

meri choti si jeb main ek rupay ke sikkey ka dherey se sarkana,
wo mera muskurana aur bajuaon se apni num aankhon ka pochna ..
koi mujhey mera wo sunhari subah , wo sunhari sham la dey
maa ke aanchal ki bheeni si khusbhu mujhey koi wapas la dey

Wo janmdin ki khushi aur meri nayi shirt ka pehenke khush ho jana ,
Kisi cheez ko pane ki zidd aur maa ka is pe pyaar se samjhana,
Wo mere papa ka mujhey fusla ke sabjiyaan khilana,
Maa ka mujhey sotey hue se utha ke doodh ka gilas haath main pakdana,
Wo kitabon ko lekar sardiyon ki subah main razai main sotey hue padhne ki naquam koshishein karna,
Kahan chut gaya wo sab is zindgi ki daud bhaag main, is rozgaar ki

maraamar main …
koi mera wo naaadan, wo anzaan sa bachpan wapas la dey

Wo jin kay saath mil ker barishoon main bhigay hum,
Hajoom e dunya say mujhay wohi meray saathi laa day
Sham kay dundlkay main gharoon say uthta duaan,
wo nischal subah,chirioon ka cheh-cha-hana,wo titlian la day

wo school me kameejo per syahi ka failna,
jisko dekh maa ka chillanaa aur mera sakpaka jana ,
wo bikhrey hue baal, wo ghutno pe chot ke nishan,
wo mehmanon ke samne apni kavitayein sunana aur unka taaliyana bajana,
wo maa ki lori aur papa ka dullar , wo behan ka pyaar … sab wapas la dey

Kuch nahi chahiye tujh se ay meri umar-e-rawan
Mera bachpan, mere jugno, meri wo charrey wali bandook la day Jis say hazaroon yadain wabasta hain ay meri zindgani Tu mujhay bas mera wo khubsurat bachpan laa day

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101 thoughts on “Wonder years – Through the lens

  1. yu word brought tearz in ma eyes n left me speechless jus one word wow it waz jus awsm mingblowing get…… jus amazing…..

  2. *How sweet !!
    Its jus so damn beautiful.. Really touched by ur words…
    Hats off.. Keep it up Olive…
    God bless u..*

  3. So soothing n relaxing… reminds me of my BACHPAN…thnx for reminding me moments which I’ll cherish throughout my life… MISS u MY BACHPAN…

  4. After reading,I realized no matter how differently we all lead our lives, but somehow we share the same childhood…and finally figured out the answer to the question, what i want to be when i get older?…”younger”
    great work…keep it up….waiting for some more 🙂

  5. jha this is awesome work buddy
    it reminds us of what we wanted to get and sadly where we reached ????????????
    really heart touching ……..

  6. hii Amit,
    Till now i knew that u use words beautifully to express feelings behind every initiative of yours…But today i am completely spellbound..to see ur thoughts pouring out so creativily and softly that this downpour of ur feelings left me drowned in my thoughts of my childhhod days but yess…..second thing which made me to think other way round or better say the picture which kept lingering to my thoughts eventually was the image of the poor children which left me surrounded with sadness…

    Do they really enjoy their this phase of life to that extent which we enjoy and cherish?
    How will they express such an imperative phase of their life?
    Its indeed very difficult…may be would be without words but with only tears in eyes….

  7. Amit ,,,,….no words for this “fabulous” writing yaar….bt one thng i can say ….i am smiling with wet eyes…!!….sach hai yaar ..ye duniya khushi ki chahat me,khushi se door ja rahi h…….true happyness…jo sirf hamare bachpan me hi thi ……am remembrng our old “Goldy days”….yaar….wo din bahut yaad aate hain…..!!!

  8. Amit ,,,,….no words for this fabulous writing yaar….bt one thng i can say ….i am smiling with my wet eyes…!!….sach hai yaar ..ye duniya khushi ki chahat me,khushi se door ho gai h…….true happyness…jo sirf hamare bachpan me hi thi ……am remembrng our old “Goldy days”….yaar….wo din bahut yaad aate hain…..!!!

  9. Yaar, Amit….bahut sahi likha hai…..chu liya dil ko….. seriously senti ho gaya pad ke main to ise…..too good, keep it buddy 🙂

  10. I am SPEECHLESS….u have expressed each emotion so beautifully….while reading the poetry, picture is right in front of you..A man WITH SO MANY TALENTS…..god bless u and keep on writing more.

  11. खोजती थी जिसे बरसोसे यह पढ़कर उसको है पाया,
    भाग गया था जो छोड़कर फिरसे वह बचपन याद आया…
    superb..very nicely written amit.. i jst went into d flashback while reading… keep writing… 🙂

      1. yeah call it coincidence, but both the components were created individually yet they complimented each other excellently. Thanks Stephen and Amit for your contributions. 🙂

  12. l just want to add some line for my side…wo mera school na janai ka bahanai banana…wo mera class kai ladko sai lad kai ana or baad mai didi sai unko dhamkwana…..wo interwal sai pahalai tiffin kha jana….lolzzz

    1. ha ha .. TOM BOY u were seems in ur school days 😛
      nyc …
      hmm n yes having dos quick bites of our lunch box during d conduct of d class was amazing – we used to thnk dat we fooled d teacher while d aroma of dat lovely mango pickle in d entire class room used to reveal everythng – perhaps even d teacher used to b remembering his school days by d smell of dat 🙂

  13. a very nice poem crystal words….. really you are great writer dear.
    this poem reminds me of my childhood days… !!!! thanks…

  14. alz so beautiful indr….thanku 4 reminding ur r bachpan…..!!! n ds 2 u my frnd who’s dun phd in words,literature,grammar,rhymes,bla bla bla…….phew!
    open up a ‘paathshaala man’. u’l b d best ‘masterji’ of ‘kindergarden children’…ha ha….yes!!!!! bt dnt teach thm odr thngs haan…..m doubtful bout tat.. !!!!!!!!

  15. It’s an art to express your self… and to express it in a form poetry is a God gift. And i feel you have it very well… the way u wrote this poem..sequence of ur thoughts..ur imagination everything is superb.

    🙂 we get this life once and it has a sequence of stages too… we dont get our “bachppan” back..this is in fact the beauty of “bachppan” 🙂

    u r blessed with beautiful mind.. keep it up!!!

  16. vo bachpan na shi vo sathi, vo log na shi bas 1 guzarish h mere khuda tujhse is aaj k insan me vo bachpan ka bhola pan or or vo saaf dil hi laade,
    na smjhe koi mere aaj ko bas samjhe is raaj ko ke jo h aaj khada is duniya ki bheed me uska bhi h ek asa sapna jo tha kabhi har insan ka apna bas itna is aaj k insan ko ahasaas krade,
    amit this is for you my dear and you did a fantastik job m proud of you buddy love you. this is one of the finest and heart touching poems of bachpan what i ever heard. tune to bachpan ko pura in shabdon me dal diya or kya khun bas itna samjhle k is pal k liye tune mujhe mera bachpan la diya thanks a lot. all the best for for you future creations waiting for the next one:)

    1. superb .. wow ..
      u leave no stone unturned to thnk me dat i shd hv taken ur advice b4 giving it to d final touch .. it wd hv given more bright colorful.
      yeah better luck next tym so be ready Kul, u r d one i wd knock at midnight 2 disturb u for ur kind gesture 🙂
      ha ha ..
      so nyc of u mere dost

      1. if u think of disturbing me at mid night mere dost u’ll never knok. but if u think that i’ll also b as happy as u r at that moment u’ll definitely come so now u decied what u thing disturbing or otherwise:)

  17. wow!! itz superb yaar :):) .. i actly went bck 2 dose dayz n cud feel dat..ahhh!!!yaad aa gae wo purane din jb hum bhi kbhi bachhe hue karte the :(:( … i realy wish i was a kid again…feel lyk i wana grow up 1nce again….we woke up on sunday morningz 2 watch sri krishna,chitrahaar,chandrakanata n jungle book on DD1… 🙂 …gud gng… hpe 2 c u writin mre poems..wish u gud luck 🙂 🙂

  18. Hey amit…u r simply superb in writing….ur poetry actually touches heart…u knw wat wen i finished reading it i literally had tears in my eyes n wished cud go back to my bachpan n live it once more…..nys gr8 job dear frn….wish u bestest of everything in lyf….. 🙂 Really proud of u….. 🙂

  19. I never knew you can write so good …beautiful words..wonderful poem. yes, we all miss our bachpan ke wo hanste khelte din 🙂

    1. pushes me ??
      seems u don wanaa go ?
      ha ha ha .. nyways NO FORCE .. no issues .. u enjoy ur RDP 2012
      i wanna see u wd long stylish n pride mustache of urs n u giving salute to d Honorable President of India ..
      all d best wishes buddy

  20. u r God’s favorite child amit..bcoz among all,he has chosen u n gifted such a wonderful gift…very lucky:)may god bless u wid loads of luv n blessings in life…very few are fortunate to hve such a wonderful gift:)..and wat can i say now…i m impressed to d power infinity……good,,keep it up:):):)

    1. we all are His child ( i m sure u don wanna quote urself dat u r an alien .. r u ? 😀 )
      jus kidding … so nyc of u for dos beautiful wrds for me n for my poem too 🙂
      and i m delighted to the Exponential Power of Infinity for d way u expressed ur feelings .. bas bas ab rulaogeee kya ?

  21. bahut khub jha…………very nicely brought out those childhood days…….minute details and happiness in those very smalll things away from any play station or wonderland…… congrats man. keep it up buddy.

  22. hey amit i never knew that we have such wonderful poet hidden behind that small lil frame of urs.. and it proves the marathi phrase”moorty lahan pan kirti mahan”..
    buddy ur poem feel which will to touch one and all from bachpan to pachpan..
    i read it and was lost for the entire hr feeling fondness and reconnecting wid my lost time…
    hey buddy let ur pen go on and keep the words of wisdom flowing and keep touching many a more hearts..
    wishing you a very good luck.. and thanx for giving back the buchpan so what if is for a brief period..
    all the best..

    1. ha ha 🙂
      absolutely sir …
      ”Its not the size of the dog in the fight that matters, its d size of the fight in d dog takes him to d glory.” Sir loved d way u expressed urself – ‘bachpan to pachpan’
      awesome u r 🙂
      n jus mere a wrd Thnx wd nt suffice in d reply of ur praise which i still doubt deserve or not bt i wd try my best 2 come up 2 some respectable level in d future.
      thnku sir ..

  23. Really a beautiful imagination
    I like to share my latest post for the same…..

    “Har cheej khona bhi ek Daulat hai….!!
    Befikra sona bhi ek Daulat hai….:):)”

  24. your poem is like a shower in deserted land of our life…………..i can just say “ADBHUT” and want to go back to those days…………

  25. a great poet, who spoke 4 many with each of urs poems, n taught wit feelings tht stand the test of tym………
    ur poetry is pouring ur heart on paper. its pure love..ur a poet of the heart………………….
    really nice n inspiring 11111…..

    1. “poet of the heart” .. dat is 2 much .. need to pop down some HaajmolA .. 😀
      well thnku very much Yogita …
      n yes all dos who hold d pen dey first thnk by d heart n dn only dey apply d mind ( if at all dey hv it 😛 )

  26. awesome amit….i took me back to my childhood…..thanx for reminding me all those days….its really heart touching….keep writing such beautiful poetry god bless u my friend….u r really a wonderful writer and yesterday also i hv said this that i m fan of ur poetry… 🙂

    1. completely overwhelmed by dos wrds of urs …
      Manisha dis magazine is full of wonderful n serious soldiers who scribbles heaven … m no where bt yes ..
      being a human being i 2 love being admired 🙂
      ha ha ..
      thnx a million …

    1. Well, it was shot from the point of view of those backstreet guys. It may not seem rosy for people like you, just like they find your ‘bachpaan’ as ‘not rosy’ like their free and mesmerizing time under the sky on the bosom of Mother Nature. 🙂

      1. well … i cudn’t restrain myself 2 intervene as i cud see my frn Stephen, u getting hurt.
        Stephen, first of all i take this opportunity to convey my heart felt sincere thnx 4 sharing dis platform of urs as this column (as d name suggest “through d lens” ) belongs to the man behind dos lenses for his/her masterpiece and i really don’t have any idea how come my poem managed to barged in d boundaries of dis section without ur prior knowledge ( refer ur reply to one of d comments down below , i quote
        “Well, I had no idea about the write-up.
        I was just asked about the photos, and I gave.” i unquote.)
        May b as per Editor’s conscience putting my piece of poetry which was in Hindi (roman wrds ) in d poetry section myt flout the rules of Fried eye or may b somethng else …
        so that’s hw i got this opportunity 2 share d podium.
        now in my efforts of pacifying ur rage against Nitin’s comment so jus wanna clarify that he dint mean so mean or hit u below d belt wt u perceived. by his comment he meant that the POETRY talks abt dos gd old days of one’s childhood where there is happiness everywhere. I mean picture could have been selected wd bright colors, smiling faces , kids wd ice creams , tiffin boxes , cuddling their moms n stuff like dos bt the class pics captured by ur lenses are not meant for my poetry. My poetry is not justifying the true colours of ur pics and same way ur pics r nt shwing the essence which is oozing out of my poetry.
        They are just not complementing each other.
        and i take this blame on my shoulders as at the eleventh hour i contacted the editor to give me a space for my piece of wrk , so myt b he had already set up d issue by then.
        But i liked the way @Fried Eye shwn their gesture and published it.
        Stephen ur pics are undoubtedly shows the happiness of dos not so affluent and blessed childhoods but a round nail can’t fit in the square hole so these master pics of urs has no connection wd my wrds and that is what Nitin wanted to convey to u.
        His comment is as pure as d fragrance of incense stick in d mng in some temple nothng to do wd ny kind of malice n all.
        and even if sum1 comments somethng negative also one shd nt loose the temper n say sumthng demeaning.
        “Resilience” (refer Mani Padma’s editorial message of dis very issue ) is d sign of A man with an Honour.
        Hope my comments cud hv put some sort of an ointment on ur wounds.
        so enjoy 🙂
        n yes do read my poem ( hope u understand hindi 🙂
        cheers n keep clicking … n flashing Happydent Smile 🙂

  27. awesome jha! if i could, i would give u ur bachpan back! but then, why would i want to give it back to u, knowing, me and everyone else would have had to wait a very long time for another masterclass!

    1. ohh .. m blushing red … ha ha …
      really feeling honoured by ur comments … 🙂
      n ofcourse life wd b dull now wn i wd b alone in my childhood while realizing dat u all r here in PUNE rocking in CME … ha ha 😀

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