He looked utterly despicable. Long hair, torn jeans. A loafer. I ignored him and concentrated on the concert. Suddenly a stampede occurred and all hell broke loose. Somebody tore off my top. Fortunately someone else covered me and led me to safety. I wept with gratitude for my saviour. My god! It was the loafer.

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  1. Mani

    Thanks ! Well yeah this was based on real incident..long back in Guwahati. It had come in the papers

  2. Loved it,reminds me of a personal experience of the similar kind….no torn top but i learnt my lesson not to judge a book by its cover.

  3. Rakib

    He looked utterly despicable. Long hair, torn jeans. A loafer… oh no i need to change a lot in me … don’t wanna be utterly despicable….. just kidding… but really good line there..

    nice one…. let me guess … this was some kind of music show.. where she went to sing… and then this despicable loafer might also have been a part of the show tried something all loafers do…

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